Friday, June 05, 2009

The Immortals

Randy Johnson is the 24th pitcher to join an exclusive class of pitchers with 300+ career wins. This event has sportswriters scratching their heads and wondering if he'll be the last to reach this milestone. More Hardball looks at some other pitching stats which are likely to stand for as long as the sport is played.

Nolan Ryan - 7 No Hitters, 5,714 Strike-outs
The fact of the matter is that pitchers rarely pitch more than 5 or 6 innings anymore. Randy Johnson is the closest current pitcher who stands a chance of braking this record, with a grand total of 2. At 45, the chances of this occurring are infinitesimal.
Ryan will probably remain number one in strikeouts with 5,714 due mostly to the fact that he spent an astonishing 27 years in baseball. Roger Clemens ended his career with 4,672 K's, and Randy Johnson currently has 4845 K's. As Johnson is nearing the end of his career, there is little chance of him striking out nearly 900 batters.

Cy Young - 511 Wins, 749 Complete Games Pitched
No one will ever break this record. In Young's day, teams used a three-man rotation rather than a five-man rotation. Young also averaged more than 40 starts per season over 22 seasons. It is therefore impossible for any current pitcher to reach either of these feats. Johnson again is the closest active player in wins (300), since Tom Glavine (305) has been released from the Braves.
For Complete Games pitched, Johnson is the current active leader, with 100. Roger Clemens and Greg Maddux only reached 118 and 109 respectively.

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GM-Carson said...

The Washington Nationals were victim of 2 milestone victories by ancient lefties this week. On Sunday, 46 year old Jamie Moyer won his 250th game and just yesterday 45 year old Randy Johnson won his 300th.