Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ripping on the Reds

With 37 wins, the Cincinnati Reds are four games behind the division leaders (the Brewers). They are having a strong season so far, assisted by the performance of these three pitchers.

Rev. Gary Davis - Cincinnati Flow Rag

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hardball Heroes: Lee Smith

Hardball Heroes is More Hardball's version of the Hall of Fame. It's an honor that can be bestowed upon memorable players from baseball's past that never quite made it to the elite status of Hall-of-Famer. To qualify for this honor, players must have demonstrated exceptional athleticism and sportsmanship on and off the field, but whose accomplishments are not celebrated in the Hall of Fame. For June, our inductee is Lee Smith.

The fact that Lee Arthur Smith is not in the Hall of Fame, yet Goose Gossage and Bruce Sutter are is mindboggling. Until Trevor Hoffman broke his record in 2006, he was the MLB career leader in saves for little more than a decade. Mr. Smith currently ranks 3rd on the all-time saves leaderboard thanks to both Hoffman and Mariano Rivera, who are also both likely heading to the Hall of Fame. So why isn't Lee Smith in?

Overall #'s: 18 seasons, 71-92 record, 1022 games, 1289.1 innings pitched, 1251 k's, 3.03 ERA, 1.26 WHIP, 478 saves, and a 7 time All-Star. He was also in the top 10 for Cy Young voting 4 times. He pitched for the Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, St. Louis Cardinals, New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles, California Angels, Cincinnati Reds, and Montreal Expos over the span of his career from 1980-1997.

Smith was an imposing figure on the mound, standing 6 feet 6 inches and tipping the scales at 265 pounds while possessing the ability to whip 95 mph heat. Most of Lee's fame comes from his days with the Cubbies, but he also put in quality years with the BoSox and Red Birds. He's likely destined to remain on the outside looking in when it comes to the Hall of Fame, but for many fans of the game they'll remember him as "the best one-inning pitcher the game ever saw," and "the best at smuggling a game into the clubhouse in history." (Quotes from sports writer Jim Murray) And let's be honest, that afro/beard combo was top notch as well.

Aretha Franklin- Respect

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Milton Bradley is a piece of what?

There's not too many players I hate, but Milton Bradley is one of them (Jose Reyes, Manny Ramirez, Francisco Rodriguez, and the "retired" Paul LoDuca all share in this honor). Everywhere MB goes he ends up getting into altercations with managers, announcers, umpires, fans, seeing eye dogs, midgets named Bruce, and one time even a poster of himself. His latest outburst in the Cubs dugout sent manager Lou Piniella over the edge of the pissed off scale and he threw Milton out of the game himself, but not before preaching the truth of the gospel and yelling at him, "piece of shit". Love me some Sweet Lou, because he tells it like it is.

Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo

Saturday, June 27, 2009

George Brett Gets Personal

Hall of Famer George Brett reveals personal details about his life in this clip filmed during a pre-game warm-up. The audio has some scratches in it, but it still conveys the gut-wrenching ordeal Brett once suffered.

Important Safety Announcement from the cast of Scrubs.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Weed, Broken Hand, & Links

With all the talk of A-Rod, Manny, and Sosa taking PED's a story like Geovany Soto's is nearly swept under the carpet. What story you ask? The one where the Chicago Cubs catcher tested positive for marijuana. It is true that smoking weed won't enhance your performance, but the shit is still illegal. From the pothead- "While I fully acknowledge my inappropriate behavior, I want to assure my fans and my family that this was an isolated incident. I do not say this to minimize or deflect from my conduct and I fully understand the ramifications of my actions. I have and will accept any and all consequences. I am fully dedicated to the game of baseball and my teammates, and I apologize for any distraction and embarrassment this may cause them." MLB may not punish him, but dammit the NFL sure bent Ricky Williams over and gave it to him numerous times.

Another dumbass player has gone and injured himself. The r-tard culprit this time was Atlanta Braves relief pitcher Jeff Bennett who took on a door. Just like Muhammad Ali, the door won, breaking Bennett's hand in the fight. 15-day DL stint followed.

*Speaking of the ganja, Hail Mary Jane has a collection of 10 must see Michael Jackson impersonations. RIP MJ.

*Why is it that in our dreams (or porn) lesbians are sexy as hell, but in reality they're butt ugly? Thanks to Sportress of Blogitude for this gem.

*No Guts, No Glory gives the rundown of past NBA lottery picks that never came close to justifying all the hype.

*Watch a tennis player accidentally take out the ball girl. Hat tip to Sports Rubbish.

*Sharapova's Thigh has a bone to pick with Best Buy.

*This dog is extracting his revenge on Michael Vick, good pooch! Link courtesy of USTailgate.

*Mark Teixeira is either cultured or gay, you decide. Story via 3:10 to Joba.

*Zoner Sports explains how Twitter has changed sports forever.

*In honor of kick-ass sidekick Ed MacMahon's passing, Rumors and Rants provides a list of sports best wingmen.

*Bootlegger Sports tells us there will be no more "smash and dash" with the Tennessee Titans...ah, how sad.

*We Should Be GM's has video of Jimmy Rollins in little league...not much has changed.

*Right Off Russell tells of Jared Gaither's menacing ways in the kitchen.

Cypress Hill- Hits from the Bong (Live)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Daily Affirmations - With Don Mattingly

Announcer: And now "Daily Affirmations with Don Mattingly." Don Mattingly is a hitting coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers, a caring nurturer, but not a licensed therapist.
Mattingly: I'm going to do a terrific show today! And I'm gonna help people! Because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and, doggonit, people like me! Hello, I'm Don Mattingly. I used to be a professional baseball player, but I'm likely never to get into the Hall of Fame, and that's o-kay. I have to give myself permission to accept my shortcomings. Today, my guest is someone who undeniably deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, Manny R., I'll protect your anonymity. Now Manny, you're about to come off a suspension from play because of illegal use of performance enhancing drugs.
Manny: Well, Don, that's partially true. See, I was sick, and the doctors prescribed some medications that had this illegal substance in it. I didn't know.
Mattingly: Now Manny, denial ain't just a river in Egypt. I know there must be a lot of pressure for you to play very well, and I can imagine that the night before a game, you must lie awake thinking, "I'm not good enough.. everybody's better than me.. I'm not going to hit any home runs.. I have no business playing this game.."
Manny: You're so right, Don. I gotta keep slugging the ball, you know, everybody expects it of me.
Mattingly: So you cheated. It's okay Manny, you can say it.
Manny: Yeah, I cheated.
Mattingly: It's okay, I'm still a big fan. I love the way you play the game. I don't think it should hurt your Hall of Fame chances either, you've been putting up numbers for way too long. I'm not going to use it as a way to measure your whole career. And Manny, neither are your true fans.
Manny: Thanks, I didn't know you felt that way.
Mattingly: And Manny, I don't feel any bitterness toward the fact that you did cheat, and will get into the Hall of Fame before me. I know I'll die homeless and penniless, and twenty pounds overweight, and no one will ever love me...Wait now, I need to stop, that's just stinkin' thinkin'. Now Manny, let me replace those negative thoughts of your inadequacy with something positive - an affirmation.
Manny: Affirmation?
Mattingly: Yes, now don't look at me, look in the mirror. Only you can help you. Now say "Hello, Manny."
Manny: Hello Manny.
Mattingly: "I don't have to be a great baseball player."
Manny: I don't have to be a great baseball player.
Mattingly: "I don't have to hit the ball hard, or be a star outfielder."
Manny: I don't have to hit the ball hard, or be a star outfielder.
Mattingly: "All I have to do is be the best Manny I can be."
Manny: All I have to do is be the best Manny I can be.
Mattingly: "Because I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And doggonit, people like me!"
Manny: Because I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And doggonit, people like me! Wow, thanks, Don! I feel great!
Mattingly: You see! That is the power of positive thinking! It makes all the wrongs in the world seem right! Now go back out there and earn your spot in the Hall of Fame! Wow! This was a terrific show, and you know what? I deserve it because I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And doggonit, people like me!

Savage Garden - Affirmation

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nose Pickers

In the past we've caught players kissing, grabbing crotch and rears, and now we present to you the one fingered wonders of nose picking...

Manny must have munchies-

Danks digs dirt-

Berkman's beloved boogers-

Selig selects succulent snotball-

White Zombie- I'm Your Boogie Man

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fabulous Baseball Cards

Baseball cards have long been a record of the athletic machismo of those lucky few who became Major League Baseball players. And then, there are these guys...

Left: Pirate of the Windy City Right: Pirate of Penzance

Left: "Hi! It's so super to see you here." Right: Randy Johnson is one of baseball's most feared pitchers, but deep down, he feels pretty, and just wants you to be happy.

Green Day - King For A Day Live

Monday, June 22, 2009

Name To Know- Nolan Reimold

Reading the box scores every morning is a ritual. It soothes me, makes me complete. While pouring through each game's numbers, I pay particularly close attention to rookies, or the lesser known names. This is partly because I want the inside track on possible breakout performers in my fantasy league, but also because I have an undying need to know every player in the majors. This quest of knowledge has lead me to develop the new More Hardball series "Name To Know". This week's showcasing revolves around Nolan Reimold.

Nolan Gallagher Reimold, born in Greenville, Pennsylvania on October 12, 1983 attended Bowling Green and was drafted in the 2nd round by the Baltimore Orioles in 2005. The right-handed hitting 25 year old outfielder is fast becoming one of the youthful building blocks of the O's organization. In 5 minor league seasons he showed power (79 hr/.521 slugging %), an ability to get on base (.383 on-base %), and that he can hit for average (.284). His minor league success has transferred beautifully to the majors. Through 33 games he has a line of .288/.931 with 14 r, 17 rbi, 4 dbl, and 8 hr. Look for him to be a fixture in the outfield with the talented combo of Adam Jones and Nick Markakis for years to come.

*Nolan's brother John was drafted by the CBA's Dakota Wizards and currently plays professional basketball in Luxembourg.

Bowling Green State University Fight Song

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

Happy Father's Day! Today More Hardball salutes dads in baseball with a scrapbook of some famous father-son pairs. Also included are three generations of baseball players, which has only occurred three times in the history of baseball.

First Father and Son to Play in the Majors:
Herm Doscher (1872-1882) and Jack Doscher (1903-1908)

First Active Father-Son Pair in the Same Season:
Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr.

Fathers as Managers
First: Connie and Earl Mack - Philadelphia Athletics, 1910

Second: Yogi and Dale Berra - Yankees, 1985

Third: Cal Ripken Sr., Cal Ripken Jr., Billy Ripken - Orioles, 1987

Three Generations:
Gus Bell, Buddy Bell, David and Mike Bell

Ray Boone, Bob Boone, Aaron and Bret Boone

Sammy Hairston, Jerry Hairston, Jerry Hairston Jr. and Scott Hairston

Sammy and Jerry Hairston are also the first black father-son duo to play in the majors.

Cat Stevens - Father and Son

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Old School Logos: NL West

More Hardball has been featuring some of the old school MLB logos over the past few weekends. Today we finish the series of posts off with the National League West division.

Arizona Diamondbacks:

Colorado Rockies:
Only three MLB teams have had the same logo through the franchise's history, the Rox being one of them (Yankees & Dodgers other two).

Los Angeles Dodgers:
Like the Yankees and Rockies, the Dodgers have had the same logo throughout the team's existence.

San Diego Padres:

San Francisco Giants:


Give It Away:
*Right Field Bleachers compares the Brewers sweep of the Indians with the 20 anniversary of the timeless baseball classic flick "Major League".

*Rumors & Rants thinks Paul Konerko should keep his mouth shut. They also revisit the magic of the 1998 Padres.

*The Sporting Globe interviews one of my favorite bloggers from Sharapova's Thigh.

*We Should Be GM's does a Tale of the Tape for the Phillies/Orioles series.

*Busted Coverage has story of little league coach pissing on the field.

*Sports Rubbish has video of a mascot suspended for humping...that's freakin' awesome!

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Give It Away

Friday, June 19, 2009

Think Ink

Want to show your support for your favorite team? You could invest in official jerseys, hats, or hundreds of other bits of swag generated by Major League Baseball. Or, you could adorn your body with baseball-themed tattoos. No, not the ones that used to come in packs of baseball cards, I'm talking about permanent ink. These are hardcore fans whose tattoos range from the generic:

To the artistic:

To the bad ass:

To the ridiculous:

Offspring - Pretty Fly For a White Guy