Saturday, May 30, 2009

Old School Logos: AL West

More Hardball will be featuring some of the old school MLB logos over the next few weekends. Today we kick it in the American League West division.

Los Angeles Angels:

Oakland Athletics:

Seattle Mariners:

Texas Rangers:


Paybacks A Bitch!
*We Should Be GM's (my flagship station) takes a look at the Phillies starting pitching conundrum.

*Right Field Bleachers like to drink, talk shit on white boys with corn rows, and reminisce of memories of BJ (Suroff that is) from their childhood.

*Rumors & Rants likes that the Padres can put together winning streaks, but are pissed that they put together hellacious losing streaks too.

*Macho Row has video of the day Michael Jack Schmidt retired, thus the day I cried like a little girl.

*Bernies Crew speaks of the Brewers possible interest in Erik Bedard. Hope this is untrue, because I see Bedard being a perfect fit in Phils pinstripes.

*The Pittsburgh Penguins have a fan in the Far East.

*Where Have You Gone Andy Van Slyke? wonders if signability will play a factor in the Pirates upcoming draft.

*Former NFL QB Fran Tarkenton is not a fan of the Brett Favre soap opera, and neither am I for that matter.

*The Phils aren't the only 2008 World Series team suffering from injuries and pitching concerns, so are the Tampa Bay Rays.

*Major League Jerk breaks down the AL West sitcom style.

*F' bull riding, that's for pussies, saddle up the ferocious sheep bitches!

Beastie Boys & Cypress Hill- So Whatcha Want (Remix)


GM-Carson said...

I absolutely love the Rangers logo with the big cowboy hat. I need a shirt with that pronto.

tamtam said...

if you've ever seen the first "naked gun" movie, there's a scene at the end where the angels are playing the mariners, and they have those outfits. while i was not yet born while those logos were still in use-i have actually seen them before you montaged them all!

Burton said...

Keep rubbing it in that you're still a fetus, and we're a couple of old farts ;)

Actually the second Angels logo, the third A's logo and second Mariners logo remind me of the best year ever for Topps Baseball Cards: the 1987 ones with the woodgrain finish, and wax paper package. When I see those, it takes me back to being 8 years old, and I can still smell the gum.

GM-Carson said...

1987 Topps best ever? I beg to differ, I'm a big fan of 1992 Bowman set.

tamtam said...

@ burton:

they had gum in baseball cards? wouldnt it get all over the cards and make them sticky?

but before you laugh at me or throw your computer out the window at my spazz-cadet level of baseball-card ignorance, PLEASE READ THE NOTE BELOW!!!

*note*- there is a justification for my ignorance in this topic: i didnt collect baseball cards as a kid (and neither did my brother) and i didnt actually start giving a shit about baseball till i was a teenager!!!

Burton said...

No problem, and I would never throw my computer out the window at your spazz-cadet level of baseball-card ignorance...jeez. Your youth simply reminds me of the fact that I turn 30 on Thursday.

Yup. They had gum. It was powdered so as not to stick to the cards, but every now and then a little humidity would creep in, and there would be one card with a permanent gum discoloration on the back. I think they stopped in the early 90's, but Topps Throwback series includes gum sealed in a plastic wrapper.

GM-Carson said...

Better gum on cards than another word that rhymes with gum.

tamtam said...

oh really? that probably explains why candy in a pack of baseball cards seems strange to me.

but if the gum was powdered, wouldnt it be kinda messy to eat? i would think that the powder would spill on your t-shirt as you were pouring it into your mouth

GM-Carson said...

The gum had a powdery dusting on it. It taste like shit.

Burton said...

It did taste like shit, cardboard and shit, but by god it was awesome and we loved it!

tamtam said...

i can tell. you both must have had cavities galore as children from eating all that shitty gum!

Burton said...

Nah, I got cavities from never brushing my teeth. You know I'm from 'the South' right? We're supposed to have bad oral hygiene and all.

GM-Carson said...

Never a fucking cavity in my life!

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