Saturday, May 02, 2009

It Doesn't Take a Genius

Baseball players are human, they make mistakes, and say stupid things. Like politicians, they are constantly in the spotlight so their fumbled utterances make it into the annals of sports trivia volumes and archived on the Internet. Why does this happen to these all-too human athletes? Because this shit is straight up funny!

"Any time I've taken the mound, it's always been the same old Samson-and-Goliath story written about me." - Randy Johnson

"The good lord was good to me. He gave me a strong body, a good right arm, and a weak mind." - Dizzy Dean

"I thank God for giving me lots of stuff." - Manny Ramirez

Will Power
"Therapy is a good thing. It can be therapeutic." - Alex Rodriguez.

"The ball became the same color as the sky, so I wasn't able to see it. I was sending mental signals for the ball not to come my way, because during that time of day its impossible for me to see the ball. So I lacked mental signals. Usually, I don't send mental signals, so because this is the first time, I thought, 'please don't come my way'." - Ichiro Suzuki, after missing an easy pop fly

"I don't get upset over things I can't control, because if I can't control them, there's no use getting upset. And I don't get upset over the things I can control, because if I can control them, there's no use in getting upset." - Mickey Rivers
Some Divine Retribution

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Quality 1960's Cartoons

Samson and Goliath


tamtam said...

oh boy! ichiro sending mental signals to the ball? has he been hookin' up with josh hamilton's old dealer?

Burton said...

Probably.I just thought it was bad Japanese to American translation.

tamtam said...

lets just hope it was that. id hate to imagine what ichiro was trippin' on when he said that statement