Saturday, May 16, 2009

Awesomeness of Razor Gator & Event Chasers

Event Chasers and Razor Gator sent me to Opening Night to watch my Philadelphia Phillies back on April 5th. And by "sent me" I mean I got free tickets. Free is a beautiful word that doesn't get bandied about enough. Free love, free beer, free food, free tickets, free get the idea. Next weekend I'm heading down to Washington to see the Nationals matchup against their interleague rival Baltimore Orioles with more free tickets. I've never been to Nationals Park, so this should be quite exciting just as long as Secret Service doesn't try to sniff out what's in my "water bottle". Razor Gator and Event Chasers kick ass! Click here for Washington Nationals tickets.

*The Love of Sports has Top 10 Recent Pitching Deliveries.

*Rumors & Rants wonders what the hell is wrong with Big Papi. Major League Jerk chimes in with their own opinion of David Ortiz.

*Sports Rubbish has video of wideout Larry Fitzgerald racing a blogger for his camera and shoes.

*Zoner Sports tells why 100 mph pitches ain't shit sometimes in MLB.

*No Guts, No Glory gives Ochocinco fans reason to cheer with news of official NFL incensed jerseys of receiver Chad Johnson.

*Bootlegger Sports wonders why the f**k a NASCAR driver would be taking performance enhancing drugs.

*C70 At The Bat marvels at Colby Rasmus' shot into the river at Pittsburgh.

*Ump Bump sheds light on Adrian Gonzalez's immensely awesome season thus far.

*Beyond the Boxscore checks out members of the 500 homerun club not in the Hall of Fame.

Blink-182: Dammit

*Video dedicated to G-Dogg


tamtam said...

will somebody PUH-LEEZE grease up a stake for chad johnson (yeah, im still calling him by his real name-not that quasi-spanish mumbojumbo he changed his name to)?! that guy drives me f*cking crazy!!!

GM-Carson said...

He amuses me, but I too dislike the douche.

Burton said...

I think I'll change my name too; from now on, I shall be 'Veinticinco' (it's my jersey number). It will be pronounced with a Ricardo Montalban accent.

tamtam said...

burtie, you're too old if you're referancing ricardo montalban. the only role i remember him for is the wealthy but seedy shipping owner in the first "naked gun" movie.

unfortunately i do not have a sports jersey of my own (i dont play sports-i just write about it and wear other players jerseys), so i cant join in on the fun with you guys.

RazorGator Discount Code said...

Love him or hate him, you got to respect his mad skills. The guys got game, not matter what he wants to call himself.

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