Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week 2 Observations: Crazy Edition

*Royals starting pitcher Zack Greinke is off to an insane start, with 3 wins and a 0.00 era through 20 innings pitched. Oh, and he's struck out 26 batters as well.

*Everybody Wang-Chung tonight? Yankees starting pitcher Chien-Ming Wang is the polar opposite of Greinke, with 3 losses and a 34.50 era through 6 innings pitched. Oh, and he's allowed 23 hits and 23 runs.

*Brad Lidge and the Phillies had a wild ride in 2008, as they were 79-0 when leading after the 8th inning and Lidge converted 47 straight saves. Fast-forward to 2009 and we've got 2 losses under the same conditions and 1 blown save. Setup man Ryan Madson is partially to blame as well.

*Wanna hear something crazy? Top 3 pitching staffs in MLB are the Pirates (2.63 era), Mariners (2.84), and Royals (2.94).

*Miguel Cabrera (.488), Kevin Youkilis (.467), and Ian Kinsler (.457) are off to ridiculous out Ted Williams.

*Severe- Jimmy Rollins is the anti-Splendid Splinter right now batting a MLB worst .133.

*Outlandish- Ranger Chris Davis has k'd 18 times in 10 games.

*Save Me- Padres closer Heath Bell has 7 saves already.

*Ludicrous- the Blue Jays, Orioles, Royals, Mariners, Marlins, and Padres are all at/near the top of their divisions.

*Bizarre- the Phillies, Red Sox, Rays, and Angels are all at/near the cellar of their divisions.

*The Blue Jays have a .296 team batting average while the Reds only .208.

*The Blue Jays are averaging 6.6 runs scored per game while the Astros only 3.1.

*Extreme- Texas and Toronto have launched 22 homeruns each, but Oakland has only 3. Many teams have hit more homeruns in 1 game than the A's have all season. Hell, many players have more homeruns to their name than the A's have as a team.

*Outrageous- Cardinals have committed 12 errors through 13 games and the Nationals 11 errors through 10.

Cypress Hill- Insane in the Membrane


GM-Carson said...

J-Roll got his ass benched today.

tamtam said...

yikes! what's happened to your phillies?! they've imploded!

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

My M's are in first place, probably the only bragging time I'll get the entire season, so I better use it now, haha.

GM-Carson said...

One of my many life motos is "Brag while you've got the chance", so brag away brotha, brag on!