Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week 1 Observations: Easter Edition

*Phillies Opening Day starter Brett Myers has surrendered 6 homeruns. According to his ESPN player profile, he's on pace to give up 194 jacks...I'm thinking that may be a record or something.

*Switch-hitting teammates Felipe Lopez and Tony Clark each went deep twice on Opening Day from the left and right sides of the plate.

*The Washington Nations and the Cleveland Indians are the only teams without a win on the season. It's worth noting that starting pitcher Shawn Hill, who was released by the Gnats, won his first start of the season for the Padres.

*7 batters have busted out of the starting gates with bats en fuego (that's Spanish for on fire amigo!): Emilio Bonifacio (.583), Ryan Theriot (.563), Nick Swisher (.538), Kevin Youkilis and Ryan Church (.526), and Miguel Cabrera and Fred Lewis (.500).

*Toronto's DH Adam Lind has 12 rbi while his teammate Marco Scutaro has scored 9 runs.

*The birds are flying high: Oriole Jeremy Guthrie and Blue Jay Roy Halladay have 2 wins a piece.

*Pirates 3rd baseman Andy LaRoche is hitless on the season (0-12), but he does have 3 errors.

*Braves rookie Jordan Schafer is having a helluva debut week. In his first big league at bat he hit a homerun and has an early career line of: .421/.500/.842, 6 r, 2 dbl, 2 hr, 3 rbi...not too shabby.

Here Comes Peter Cottontail


YouGabSports said...

194 jacks, that would be awesome. Hey Bud, steroids aren't causing home run spikes, Brett Myers is.

Nice collection of information sir!

GM-Carson said...

Thanks YouGab. I plan on doing a weekly summation every Sunday.

tamtam said...

wow! little nicky swisher has a .538 batting average?! thats more than the sox' starting lineup's batting avg's all put together! (hope that didnt confuse you!) i'll bet kenny williams is kicking himself right now for getting rid of swish. maybe if nicky had stayed, we wouldnt have had the slow start we did!

btw-happy easter everyone!

tamtam said...

btw: my photoshopped easter pic totally kicks ass compared to your guys' photoshopped easter pix!!

GM-Carson said...

TamTam- is that Carlos Quentin as Chris?

tamtam said...

YES!!!! didnt you read the description?

GM-Carson said...

Just making sure, seems a bit blasphemous...but funny nonetheless.

tamtam said...

let it be known that the idea for this came from the looney toon 'last supper' painting.

besides, people have constructed weirder works of religious art that have been labeled as 'blasphemous' as opposed to replacing jesus and the saints with the white sox lineup.

GM-Carson said...

TamTam- you took my "blasphemous" comment way too seriously. Jesus Christ was a cool dude, and had a decent sense of humor. He probably likes your depiction.