Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Say It Ain't So

Reports out of New York early this morning have Yankees thirdbaseman Alex Rodriguez being ready for Opening Day against the Baltimore Orioles on April 6th. A-Rod was supposed to be out until May recovering from spring training hip surgery, but he's pulled off a miracle healing...and don't worry steroids weren't involved. He credits his devout following of Kabbalah for what he's calling a "spiritual awakening and body enlightenment". Dude sounds out of his mind, but whatever works I guess.

In more crazy-ass news the Pittsburgh Pirates are apparently in negotiations to acquire Vernon Wells and Roy Halladay from the Toronto Blue Jays in the packaged headlined by Jose Tabata and Andrew McCutchen. Buccos GM Neal Huntington thinks that with stud ace Halladay and offensive force Wells in tow that the Pirates can contend with the Chicago Cubs for the NL Central and break out of this 16 year losing streak.

*Deadspin has video of 17 year old female knuckleballer Eri Yoshida pitching in what looks like a live-action Pokemon game.

*The World of Isaac has a story about a female college student whoring herself out for a seat at the Final Four.

*Awful Announcing tells of ESPN adding Hall-of-Famer Dave Winfield as an analyst, but the best part of this post in the picture of Winfield with Chewbacca.

*Sharapova's Thigh previews the Milwaukee Brewers and expects Yovani Gallardo to dominate on the mound this season (I do too).

*No Guts, No Glory sheds light on the Mike Piazza steroids controversy with some nuggets of knowledge from Tommy Lasorda.

*How does a former Olympic gymnast make ends meet? By becoming bikini models.

*What is a food-gasm and what causes it? Go to Bootlegger Sports to find out.

*Major League Jerk gives us insight on Sports Illustrated's MLB predictions for 2009.

Weezer- Say It Ain't So


GM-Carson said...

I hope you all rocked out to the Weezer video. Them and Beastie Boys always put me in a good mood.

More Hardball averaged 330+ visits a day during the month of March. Thanks to all the readers.


Nice numbers. Long Drive averaged 3. Well not that bad, but close haha

GM-Carson said...

Some Pirates blogs are playing along with the trick. Hope nobody truly falls for it and gets pissed off. Imagine finding out you're not getting Halladay and instead are stuck with Russ Ohlendorf? Ouch!

tamtam said...

ha! thats a good one! the pirates getting vernon wells and roy halladay :D

happy april fools day!!

GM-Carson said...

I actually hate April Fools Day, so I'm not exactly sure why I partook in it's dumbassness.

Anonymous said...

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