Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hunters & Prey

Watching the Discovery Channel at night and you're bound to see some lion pouncing on a gazelle somewhere in Africa. It's the classic embodiment of hunter and prey. In the Major Leagues the scenario plays out a bit differently with the pitcher being the hunter and the batter the prey. I took it upon myself to find the top headhunters and targets of modern baseball, which you will find listed below.

Top Headhunters (since 1950):
1. Randy Johnson- 188
2. Charlie Hough- 174
3. Tim Wakefield- 163
4. Jim Bunning- 160
5. Roger Clemens- 159

Top Targets (since 1950):
1. Craig Biggio- 285
2. Don Baylor- 267
3. Ron Hunt- 243
4. Jason Kendall- 231
5. Frank Robinson- 198

Personally, I'd leave skid marks in my underpants if I had to face the gnarly-faced 6'10" Randy Johnson or the roided-up Texan bad boy Rocket Clemens. However, I can't imagine taking a Hough or Wakefield dancing knuckleball would have much of a sting to it. Of note- Kendall is still get plunked, Johnson is still firing death bullets, and Wakefield is still putting boo-boos on batters, as they are all active players.

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Zune: The Ballad of Lion and Gazelle


Burton said...

Randy Johnson would scare anyone. If I'm not mistaken, he has been voted as one of the ugliest players in baseball, behind Don Mossi)

Fortunatley, looks aren't what counts in hardball, and Johnson is a helluva pitcher.

GM-Carson said...

Johnson is his prime was one of the most dominate pitchers of baseball lore.

tamtam said...

that randy johnson is 1 scary SOB!!! id hate to face him at an at-bat!

GM-Carson said...

Randy Johnson is so ugly that fame doesn't even get him laid.

Burton said...


Randy Johnson's so ugly he walked outside and got arrested for mooning.

Randy Johnson's so ugly,
just after he was born, his mother said "What a treasure!" and his father said "Yes, let's go bury it."

GM-Carson said...

Randy Johnson is so ugly that dogs won't even hump his leg.