Saturday, April 04, 2009

2009 MLB Preview: NL Edition

NL East:
1. Philadelphia Phillies 95-67
2. New York Mets 90-72
3. Florida Marlins 83-79
4. Atlanta Braves 82-80
5. Washington Nationals 67-95

1. Philadelphia Phillies 94-68
2. New York Mets 92-70
3. Atlanta Braves 86-76
4. Florida Marlins 82-80
5. Washington Nationals 68-94

Surprises: (Carson) The Phillies will have the Cy Young {Cole Hamels} and MVP {Ryan Howard}. The Mets won't collapse for a 3rd straight season, they're just not as good as the Phillies. Cameron Maybin, Marlins outfielder, will be Rookie of the Year. (Burton) The Mets will lead the division early in the season, giving the Phillies a run for the title. Wright or Reyes wins MVP award. Nationals bullpen improves.

Disappointments: (Carson) Carlos Delgado starts slow, stays slow, and ends slow, in which will be a horrible year for him at the plate. Raul Ibanez, Phils outfielder, hits only 15 homeruns and knocks in 85 runs. Adam Dunn fails to hit 40 homeruns for the 6th straight season. (Burton) Phillies pitching wavers, although they lead the league last year, they will struggle to maintain the 3.22 ERA average this season.

NL Central:
1. Chicago Cubs 93-69
2. St. Louis Cardinals 85-77
3. Milwaukee Brewers 81-81
4. Cincinnati Reds 78-84
5. Houston Astros 75-87
6. Pittsburgh Pirates 66-96

1. Chicago Cubs 90-72
2. Milwaukee Brewers 82-80
3. St. Louis Cardinals 80-82
4. Cincinnati Reds 78-84
5. Houston Astros 76-86
6. Pittsburgh Pirates 64-98

Surprises: (Carson) Mike Hampton of the Astros makes 25+ starts. The Reds remain in contention until late July/early August. Albert Pujols bats below .300. (Burton) Brewers' pitchers step up to fill in the gap left by Sabathia and Sheets.

Disappointments: (Carson) Kosuke Fukudome, Cubs outfielder, continues his downward spiral offensively seeing limited playing time as season goes on. Skip Schumaker can't field enough to remain Cardinals secondbaseman. The Pirates pitching and hitting is atrocious all season long. (Burton) Cardinals Kyle Lohse and Todd Wellemeyer do not reach 2008 greatness, Ludwick does not see 37 homeruns. Reds and Astros struggle for mediocrity, but Jay Bruce hits 40 homeruns, and Astros Berkman breaks 30. The Pirates reach the abyssal plain.

NL West:
1. Los Angeles Dodgers 94-68
2. San Francisco Giants 83-79
3. Arizona Diamondbacks 81-81
4. Colorado Rockies 65-97
5. San Diego Padres 60-102

1. Los Angeles Dodgers 93-69
2. Arizona Diamondbacks 86-76
3. San Francisco Giants 84-78
4. Colorado Rockies 72-90
5. San Diego Padres 65-97

Surprises: (Carson) The Giants pitching carries them the whole season, keeping them in contention to the end. Pablo Sandoval, Giants 3rd baseman, finishes in the Top 3 for batting average. Jake Peavy isn't traded during the season because he becomes injured mid-summer. (Burton) Rafael Furchal surpasses Manny as Dodgers' star. Chad Qualls becomes the closer for the Diamondbacks, and increases saves.

Disappointments: (Carson) Manny Ramirez comes back down to Earth and puts up career average numbers, batting nothing like he did late in '08. Colorado challenges San Diego for worst record in baseball. (Burton) Pitching rotation is not enough to clinch the Giants a division title.

Divisional Series- (Carson) Phillies over Cubs, Dodgers over Mets. (Burton) Phillies over Cubs, Dodgers over Mets.
League Series- (Carson) Dodgers over Phillies. (Burton) Phillies over Dodgers.
World Series- (Carson) Yankees over Dodgers. (Burton) Yankees over Phillies.

*Tomorrow we preview the American League.

*I encourage readers to make their predictions in the comments section.

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GM-Carson said...

According to our poll (which closes today) 34% of nearly 900 voters think the Phillies are going to repeat as World Series champions.

In order according to poll:
1. Phillies
2. Yankees
3. Cubs
4. Red Sox
5. Mets
6. White Sox
7/8. Braves/Dodgers
9. Cardinals
10. Angels
11/12. Royals/Twins
13/14/15. Indians/A's/Tigers
16. Rangers
17. Giants
18. Marlins
19/20/21. Brewers/Pirates/Rays
22/23. O's/Reds
24/25. Jays/Nationals
26. Astros
27. Mariners
28/29. Diamondbacks/Rockies
30. Padres

*That seems pretty realistic, except the Rays deserve far more respect.

Burton said...

The Rays do deserve respect, and as much as I want the Phillies to repeat a win, I think the Yankees defense and offense are just a little bit tighter this season.

tamtam said...

the cubs might finish first in the NL central, but they'll never get past the division series. i think the deadbeat pirates have a better chance to get farther. whats your record on previewing the season?

Burton said...

So far, I am perfect. I've never missed a single one...

This is my first time. GM Carson is the expert.


Burton's W/L projections for the Phils and Mets is exactly the same I have it at.

GM-Carson said...

I'm usually pretty good at predicting finishes, but not necessarily win/loss records.