Sunday, April 05, 2009

2009 MLB Preview: AL Edition

AL East:
1. New York Yankees 103-59
2. Tampa Bay Rays 94-68
3. Boston Red Sox 89-73
4. Baltimore Orioles 74-88
5. Toronto Blue Jays 72-90

1. New York Yankees 99-63
2. Boston Red Sox 96-66
3. Tampa Bay Rays 91-71
4. Baltimore Orioles 79-83
5. Toronto Blue Jays 78-84

Surprises: (Carson) The O's offense and pitching comes together to form a near winning product. AJ Burnett, not CC Sabathia, is the Yankees best pitcher in '09. (Burton) Red Sox will nip at the Yankees heels all season, and win the wild card slot. Tampa Bay's David Price wins Rookie of the Year.

Disappointments: (Carson) Red Sox Nation sings the blues all season long as injury woes bury them in the AL East, missing the playoffs for the first time in a long time. The Jays finish in last place for the first time in a long time. (Burton) The Yankees are going to win the World Series. The Red Sox hold Smoltz until the postseason, but he won't deliver.

AL Central:
1. Chicago White Sox 86-76
2. Minnesota Twins 85-77
3. Cleveland Indians 83-79
4. Detroit Tigers 78-84
5. Kansas City Royal 77-85

1. Cleveland Indians 86-76
2. Minnesota Twins 84-78
3. Chicago White Sox 80-82
4. Detroit Tigers 79-83
5. Kansas City Royals 75-87

Surprises: (Carson) Dontrelle Willis returns by July to the Tigers staff and reestablishes himself as an actual pitcher rather than laughingstock. Travis Hafner has a bounce back season for Cleveland. (Burton) Denard Span breaks .300. Kerry Wood leads the Indians to AL Central title. Young stud outfielder Carlos Quentin will be the White Sox's MVP.

Disappointments: (Carson) Joe Mauer's back/kidney problems are too much for the Twinkies to overcome. Jim Thome spends most of year on DL with various nagging injuries in what very well may be one of his last seasons. (Burton) Despite a solid offense and defense, the Twins will not clinch any titles. For the White Sox, wait 'till next year.

AL West:
1. Los Angeles Angels 90-72
2. Oakland Athletics 87-75
3. Texas Rangers 80-82
4. Seattle Mariners 68-94

1. Los Angeles Angels 88-74
2. Oakland Athletics 85-77
3. Texas Rangers 75-87
4. Seattle Mariners 69-93

Surprises: (Carson) Brian Fuentes makes people forget all about K-Rod. Texas Rangers actually start to develop a respectable pitching staff. (Burton) A clean Josh Hamilton will put up 35+ runs for the Rangers. Russ Springer will perform better for the Athletics than with the Cardinals, improving last year's ERA.

Disappointments: (Carson) Matt Holliday is the super stud he's made out to be and turns out to just bat .285/25/100, which isn't worth all the hype. Josh Hamilton can't remain in the the lineup enough to win the MVP, although his stats have merit when he plays. (Burton) The Rangers will miss Milton Bradley's fielding and slugging abilities. Griffey's return to the Mariners won't help their dismal offense, nor, sadly will replacing a significant portion of their lineup.

Divisional Series- (Carson) Yankees over White Sox, Rays over Angels. (Burton) Yankees over Indians, Angels over Red Sox.
League Series- (Carson) Yankees over Rays. (Burton) Yankees over Angels.
World Series- (Carson) Yankees over Dodgers. (Burton) Yankees over Phillies.

Ray Charles- America, the Beautiful


GM-Carson said...

The Phillies won the More Hardball poll for 2009 World Series winner by a large margin and MLB's hottest fans, also by a large margin. Go Phils!!!

Burton said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Phils World Series win this season.

tamtam said...

yaay! my beloved sox will finish first! though spring training says otherwise, i think my boys will be ok. also, i really like how you used ray charles' 'america' for your video of the day. i like that song too :).

Sully said...

You said The Red Sox will miss the playoffs for the first time in a long time?

2006 wasnt THAT long ago

GM-Carson said...

They missed the playoffs in 2006? Damn, color me stupid.

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