Sunday, March 29, 2009

You Play Ball Like A Girl!

Who the hell is Eri Yoshida? A 17 year old side-arming knuckleballer, who is pitching in the Japanese minor leagues for the Kobe 9 Cruise. Oh yeah, she's a girl too! She's stands a whopping 5 foot even and weighs a half of a sumo wrestler's ass cheek (114 pounds). In the season opener, she made her debut in relief walking the first batter on 4 straight balls, but then retired her second and final batter with a strikeout. She began playing baseball in 2nd grade, and attempts to emulate knuckleballing BoSox Tim Wakefield.

Of course there's skeptics that think this is all a publicity stunt to help draw attention to the new Kansai League, but don't you think this would be more effective (see below)?


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I have no idea what the f*ck they're signing.


Jay Ballz said...

She could knuckle MY balls.

That was awful. My apologies.

GM-Carson said...

So you're into that kinky S&M type shit?

tamtam said...

dammit, if she can pitch, then i sure as hell can be a catcher! physically, im big enough to withstand the hits, ive got an ok arm (accuracy is a whole 'nother story, though), and once i learn the signs, i'll make aj look like a grandpa!

if she can play baseball, so can i. softball just doesnt cut it. why dont the white sox pick me and then stick me in the minors for a while? at least until some angry owners order a hit on aj, thus incapacitating him-leaving room for me to come up and play!

GM-Carson said...

If you go pro, can you send us a signed jersey?

tamtam said...

of course :)

Mr. A-Hole said...

Girls can't play baseball, they're twats get in the way.

tamtam said...

@ mr. a-hole:

sure we can. women are generally more flexible then men, which allows for more range of motion. plus, we havent got any balls to bother adjusting and protecting in a cup, so that is always a good thing. but knowing you, you'll probably morph this comment into something sex-related so before you can twist it, get your nose outta the damn playboy and into an anatomy book first.

GM-Carson said...

Mr. A-Hole: have you never seen "A League of Their Own"?

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