Saturday, March 28, 2009

World Series of Hotness

More Hardball wants to know which city has the hottest fans in Major League Baseball. We started out by going division by division in each league, then the past two weeks were the playoffs. Now it's time for the World Series of Hotness with the Philadelphia Phillies vs. the Los Angeles Angels.

Hotter fans- Philly or LA?
Angels free polls

Me Likes Two Reed:

*We Should Be GM's previewed the upcoming promotions for the Phillies this season. Personally I'm setting my sites on April 28th which is TJ Simers Feminine Hygiene Day and August 20th when I can get a Chase Utley soap-on-a-rope.

*For a great collection of funny yet insightful sports blog, go to the Slow Breaker Network. Naturally, More Hardball is one of their featured blogs.

*Poor Duke got blasted by Villanova in the NCAA tournament 77-54, No Guts No Glory takes a look at what's next for the Blue Devils.

*Long Drive: Phillies Blog hasn't taken kindly to the Phils lastest addition of Jack Taschner, go with a nice word play of Trashner instead.

*Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies is gearing up the Pitts vs. Nova Elite 8 match-up this weekend.

*Zoner Sports has been running the "Best Sports Blog Name Tourney" and I'm sad to announce our buddies at We Should Be GM's were eliminated in the 2nd round by for f*ckin' votes.

*Bootlegger Sports checks out the 5 shittiest things in the NBA today.

*Sharapova's Thigh (yep, still get tingles from just typing it) goes retro on us and visits a classic baseball card of Dick Drago.

*MLB Homerun delves into the depressing issue of the economy and Major League Baseball. If you need to cry, read this.

*Did you know Buzz Capra was a baseball player? Me either, but Cardboard Gods featured him yesterday anyway.

*Yesterday I discovered Real Clear Sports, and they have an excellent collection of informative sports links every day to choose from.

*Chicago Cubs Online were kind enough to plug our Hottest Fans in Baseball: League Series post last week, so I decided to plug them back. Plugging is so much fun...plug you!!!

Color Me Badd- I Wanna Sex You Up


GM-Carson said...

I'm pulling for the Phils to win this "World Series" just like they won last year's.


Phils definitely win this one hands down. Thanks for the link Carson.

GM-Carson said...

Phils are hot!!!


Phillies are running away with this one.

Jay Ballz said...

I voted for the Phillies. No doubt this is a shock.

Plug you too, jerkhead.

Amanda said...

I plugged you in.

Amanda said...

I think in the next edition of the hottest fans you should do some jacked, ripped, guys =]

GM-Carson said...

Amanda- I leave the "hot" guys for you.

LynnieMac said...

I heartily second Amanda's suggestion.

GM-Carson said...

Amanda and LynnieMac, if you compile a set of images for us, we'll post a "hot" guys article for ya and risk our manhood.

LynnieMac said...

As soon as I have a spare moment...

Joe W. Linden said...

that LA chick is hot, but if that second girl is elisha cuthbert thats an automatic win for me.

tamtam said...

chase utley soap-on-a-rope? now i'd definately show up early to the stadium for that! its certainly more creative then the bobbleheads that teams usually give away to early arrivers!

GM-Carson said...

I love me some free bobbleheads. I can't wait to get my mitts on a Charlie Manuel on this season.