Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Twins VI: 1st Round Draft Picks

Everyone is supposed to have a double, and the 1st round draft picks of 2008 are no exception. These elite few advanced in their various arenas (college or high school) to become the most sought after future major leaguers. Below are some remarkable comparisons between these stars and stars of the gold and silver screens.

One has been described as "a five-tool player" and the other simply as a "tool." Tampa Bay's new family member and number one draft pick for 2008, Short Stop Timothy Beckham looks like ABC's "new kind of family" man Paul James, new fraternity pledge on Greek. Both are expected to be huge hits in their upcoming roles.

Sorry, Alvarez, I couldn't resist. The Pirates shiny new third baseman, Pedro Alvarez resembles Clueless's Tai Frazier (a.k.a. actress Brittany Murphy). The left hander is described as being a "polished and poised hitter" but having "average power." (Quotes from MLB.com) The Vanderbuilt junior should grow to be a powerful Pirate.

Eric Hosmer is straight out of high school and into the Royal's minor league camp. Another solid lefty slugger, Hosmer will be a force to reckon with when called to the majors. Although he is not a strong runner, he has been blessed with a cannon for an arm. His doppelganger is an acting powerhouse, Chuck's Adam Baldwin.

Brian Matuz was called up for spring training this year, a rarity for those who have just been drafted. A left-handed starting pitcher and batter, Matusz was the Oriole's 1st round draft pick. This young up-and-comer bears a strong resemblance to a formerly hot franchise Haley Joel Osmet. Hopefully, Matusz's flame will burn brighter than that of his mirror image.

A newcomer to the Giants' franchise, Gerald 'Buster' Posey will prove to be an asset behind the plate as well as at bat. According to MLB.com, Posey is gifted with "advanced" batting skills and quick footwork. His twin is NCIS's Sean Murray who plays agent Tim McGee.

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GM-Carson said...

C'mon man, you've got to give Haley Joel Osmet more props than that. The kid can see dead people for crying out loud.

Burton said...

Yeah, but where has he been? The kid's now 20 or something.

GM-Carson said...

True, but a 20-something millionaire. That's more than we'll ever claim to be.

Mr. A-Hole said...

Who the hell are these guys? Stick to actual major league talent from now on.

tamtam said...

i love the pedro alvarez-brittany murphy comparison :)

Burton said...

Thanks, I nearly pissed myself laughing when his face came up. Hers was the first I thought of.