Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Stars & Slouches

We're now nearly half way through spring training and I'd like to look at the stars and slouches of the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues thus far. Some players are experiencing Grapefruit glory (Ryan Howard) while others have been goons (Jeff Keppinger). There are also players wearing the Cactus crown (Jhonny Peralta) and those that have been crappy (Jason Hirsh). At the conclusion of spring training this season, More Hardball will revisit the stars and slouches.

Batting Stars:
Average (min. 20 abs)- Jhonny Peralta/Indians .600 (12-20), Jeff Bailey/BoSox .524 (11-21), Ryan Sweeney/A's .500 (12-24), and Angel Berroa/Yankees .476 (10-21).

Runs- Garrett Jones/Pirates 10, Chris Davis/Rangers, Mike Fontenot/Cubs, Jake Fox/Cubs, Skip Schumaker/Cardinals, Andrew McCutchen/Pirates, and Eugenio Velez/Giants 8 a piece.

Hits- Xavier Paul/Dodgers 13, Mike Fontenot/Cubs, Micah Hoffpaiur/Cubs, Daniel Murphy/Mets, Jhonny Peralta/Indians, and Ryan Sweeney/A's 12 a piece.

Doubles- Jesus Guzman/Giants 5, and too many to list with 4.

Triples- Rajai Davis/A's 3, Clint Barmes/Rockies, Carl Crawford/Rays, Mike Fontenot/Cubs, Xavier Paul/Dodgers, Jed Lowrie/BoSox, and Andres Torres/Giants 2 a piece.

Homeruns- Ryan Howard/Phillies 4, and too many to list with 3.

RBI- Chris Duncan/Cardinals, Xavier Paul/Dodgers, Jon Weber/Rays 10 a piece.

Walks- Albert Pujols/Cardinals 10, and too many to list with 7.

Stolen Bases- Michael Bourn/Astros, Ryan Freel/Orioles, and Eric Bruntlett/Phillies with 5 a piece.

OPS (min. 20 abs)- Jhonny Peralta/Indians 1.650, Jesus Guzman/Giants 1.458, Angel Berroa/Yankees, and Ryan Sweeney/A's 1.405.

Batting Slouches:
Average (min. 20 abs)- Matt Tolbert/Twins .087 (2-23), Jeff Keppinger/Reds .091 (2-22), Trot Nixon/Brewers .100 (2-20), and Reid Brignac/Rays .130 (3-23).

Strikeouts- Chris Davis/Rangers, Mike Jacobs/Royals, and Mike Wilson/Mariners 12 a piece.

Caught Stealing- Chris Dickerson/Reds and Jerry Owens/ChiSox 3 a piece.

Pitching Stars:
Wins- Too many with 2 to list.

Saves- Jesus Colome/Nationals, Randy Messenger/Mariners, and Evan Meek/Pirates 3 a piece.

ERA (min. 8 ip)- Glen Perkins/Twins (9 ip), Hiroki Kuroda/Dodgers (8.2 ip), Jordan Zimmerman/Nationals (8.1 ip), Carlos Hernandez/Rays (8 ip), and Josh Johnson/Marlins (8 ip) all with 0.00 earned run averages.

Strikeouts- Aaron Heilman/Cubs, Randy Johnson/Giants, and Micah Owings/Reds 12 a piece.

WHIP (min. 8 ip)- Hiroki Kuroda/Dodgers 0.58, Trevor Cahill/A's 0.63, and Sean Marshall/Cubs 0.67.

Pitching Slouches:
Losses- Too many with 2 to list.

ERA (min. 8 ip)- Jason Hirsh/Rockies 14.04, Kevin Millwood/Rangers 11.25, and Zach Miner/Tigers 9.00.

Walks- Ricky Romero/Blue Jays 9, Jason Hirsch/Rockies 9, and Ross Detwiler/Nationals and Jack Taschner/Giants 7 a piece.

WHIP (min. 8 ip)- Jason Hirsch/Rockies 3.24, Anibal Sanchez/Marlins 2.33, and Kevin Millwood/Rangers 2.25.

Fielding Slouches:
Errors- Everth Cabrera/Padres 5, and Argenis Diaz/BoSox and Dan Uggla/Marlins 4 a piece.

*Ryan Howard image used courtesy of We Should Be GM's.

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GM-Carson said...

Coming up in a future post, I will look at last season spring success stories and see how they played during the 2008 season.

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Excellent post!

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5 HR for Howard and 4 HR for Mayberry if you include the United States exhibition, in which they both went yard


My bad. Mayberry went deep against Canada.

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here's a post! nice photoshop job making ryan howard look like a black ah-nuld schwarzenegger. as a woman, i can assume ryan looks that way under his uniform (rivals with chase utley or pat burrell, whichever one of them posed topless for a baseball card)

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