Thursday, March 19, 2009

MLB 2000 Draft Team

The year was 2000. A new century, a new millenium, an awesome assortment of amateur talent to choose from. The MLB draft of 2000 was a great one. It held future All-Stars, Silver Sluggers, Cy Youngs, Gold Gloves, and World Series champions. Take a few minutes to check out this 25 man roster of draft picks from the year 2000.

(Stats from 2008)
1. Grady Sizemore/CF- .268/.374/.502, 101 r, 39 dbl, 33 hr, 90 rbi, 38 sb, All-Star, Silver Slugger, and Gold Glove. Drafted by the Montreal Expos in Round 3, 75th pick.
2. Nate McLouth/RF- .276/.356/.497, 113 r, 46 dbl, 26 hr, 94 rbi, 23 sb, All-Star, and Gold Glove. Drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in Round 25, 749th pick.
3. Chase Utley/2B- .292/.380/.535, 113 r, 41 dbl, 33 hr, 104 rbi, 14 sb, All-Star, and Silver Slugger. Drafted by Philadelphia Phillies in Round 1, 15th pick.
4. Jason Bay/LF- .286/.373/.522, 111 r, 35 dbl, 31 hr, 101 rbi, and 10 sb. Drafted by the Montreal Expos in Round 22, 645th pick.
5. Adrian Gonzalez/1B- .279/.361/.510, 103 r, 32 dbl, 36 hr, 119 rbi, All-Star, and Gold Glove. Drafted by the Florida Marlins in Round 1, 1st pick.
6. Xavier Nady/DH- .305/.357/.510, 76 r, 37 dbl, 25 hr, and 97 rbi. Drafted by the San Diego Padres in Round 2, 49th pick.
7. Garrett Atkins/3B- .286/.328/.452, 86 r, 32 dbl, 21 hr, and 99 rbi. Drafted by the Colarado Rockies in Round 5, 137th pick.
8. Yadier Molina/C- .304/.349/.392, 37 r, 18 dbl, 7 hr, 56 rbi, and Gold Glove. Drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in Round 4, 113th pick.
9. Clint Barmes/SS- .290/.322/.468, 47 r, 25 dbl, 11 hr, 44 rbi, and 13 sb. Drafted by the Colorado Rockies in Round 10, 287th pick.

Mike Napoli/C- .273/.374/.586, 39 r, 9 dbl, 20 hr, 49 rbi, and 7 sb. Drafted by the Anaheim Angels in Round 17, 500th pick.
Adam LaRoche/1B- .270/.341/.500, 66 r, 32 dbl, 25 hr, and 85 rbi. Drafted by the Atlanta Braves in Round 29, 880th pick.
Brad Hawpe/OF- .283/.381/.498, 69 r, 24 dbl, 25 hr, and 85 rbi. Drafted by the Colorado Rockies in Round 11, 317th pick.
Freddy Sanchez/INF- .271/.298/.371, 75 r, 26 dbl, 9 hr, and 52 rbi. Drafted by the Boston Red Sox in Round 11, 332nd pick.

1. Brandon Webb- 22-7, 226.7 ip, 183 k, 3.30 era, 1.20 whip, and All-Star. Drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks in Round 8, 249th pick.
2. Cliff Lee- 22-3, 223.3 ip, 170 k, 2.54 era, 1.11 whip, All-Star, and Cy Young. Drafted by the Montreal Expos in Round 4, 105th pick.
3. Jamie Shields- 14-8, 215 ip, 160 k, 3.56 era, and 1.15 whip. Drafted by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in Round 16, 466th pick.
4. Rich Harden- 10-2, 148 ip, 181 k, 2.07 era, and 1.06 whip. Drafted by the Oakland Athletics in Round 17, 510th pick.
5. Chris Young- 7-6, 102.3 ip, 93 k, 3.96 era, and 1.29 whip. Drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in Round 3, 89th pick.

Bobby Jenks/Closer- 57 gm, 61.7 ip, 30 sv, 38 k, 2.63 era, and 1.10 whip. Drafted by the Anaheim Angels in Round 5, 140th pick.
Chad Qualls- 77 gm, 73.2 ip, 71 k, 9 sv, 22 hld, 2.81 era, and 1.07 whip. Drafted by the Houston Astros in Round 2, 67th pick.
Manny Delcarmen- 73 gm, 74.1 ip, 72 k, 2 sv, 18 hld, 3.27 era, and 1.12 whip. Drafted by the Boston Red Sox in Round 2, 62nd pick.
Joel Hanrahan- 69 gm, 84.1 ip, 93 k, 9 sv, 3 hld, 3.95 era, and 1.36 whip. Drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in Round 2, 57th pick.
Brian Bruney- 32 gm, 34.1 ip, 33 k, 1 sv, 12 hld, 1.83 era, and 0.99 whip. Drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks in Round 12, 369th pick.
Adam Wainwright- 11-3, 132 ip, 91 k, 3.20 era, and 1.18 whip. Drafted by the Atlanta Braves in Round 1, 29th pick.

Team Analysis:
The offense would be amazing, as it's stacked with speed, power, on base skills, and high batting averages. Even the backups are well equipped to be regulars in most lineups. The defense is stellar with Gold Gloves in the infield and outfield. The starting rotation has durable inning eaters, but Harden and Young are fragile. Therefore, Wainwright is in relief because he's pitched there before and has the ability to be plugged into the rotation should someone need a rest. The bullpen has a quality closer and many strong setup men. The one area that is lacking is lefthanded releiver, but these guys can get anyone out.

Will Smith- Will 2K


GM-Carson said...

Man, if the Nationals would have only remained the Expos and kept some of these 2000 draft pick gems, they'd be an entirely different story by now.

Also, I forgot to add that the player must have been selected in 2000 and signed in 2000. There were some players like Ian Kinsler that were drafted in 2000, but didn't sign and then were drafted in a later year.

tamtam said...

wow, this is so old!! what was the inspiration for this?

GM-Carson said...

I like doing "theme teams", and I was thinking about how many good players came from the 2000 draft, so I did some research and created a 25-man roster.

Burton said...

And excellent research it is!

GM-Carson said...

154 hits for all this research...not worth it. I'll stick to poop and fart jokes I suppose.

David in Toledo said...

I like the idea.

Unfortunately, for 2008, the records add up to only 1376 innings, not 1458, but I guess we can assume some arrangement would make possible a full season's worth of pitching.

If we add up win shares for the pitching staff and the regulars, it might be interesting to see how many games this team would win. (Factoring in the bench and the missing 82 innings is trickier.)

Anonymous said...

I did my own exercise (win shares).

Mixing the leagues together inflates the result, since NL win shares don't factor in a dh. Assuming half the players come from the NL, adding the dh to the lineup increases win shares by about half the value of the dh.

Still, the 9-man starting lineup, 198 win shares. The 11-man pitching staff, 137 ws. 335 minus half the value of Nady (22) = 324. Very rough estimate of season record: 108 - 54.

David in Toledo said...


GM-Carson said...

So what you're saying is 2000 was a good draft right?

David in Toledo said...

I guess so. I haven't followed the various-year drafts closely enough to be able to compare the results you have documented for 2000 with those of other years.

I'm saying that your worthy effort produced a solid roster, and that the roster makes it pretty easy, using THT win shares data, to guesstimate its strength in 2008.

Just to supplement what you've done, do you know how hard it is to come up with a list of the notable players (if any) who were undrafted and then signed (for the first time) as free agents in 2000?

David in Toledo said...

Looks like Dioner Navarro and Francisco Liriano were undrafted in 2000 but signed aas rookies that year -- probably just a start of those in that category.