Thursday, March 05, 2009

Baseball Card Mayhem 2

As you may recall, More Hardball featured some lovely mint cardboard back in February, and we're back today with some more jewels of the cellophane packs.

What the f*ck is Frank Tanana smiling about? Dude looks like he just got a BJ in the dugout from a ball girl. He should be smiling about the fact that he spent 21 seasons in the majors and barely came out above sea level in regards to his career record (240-236). Frank the Tank was a durable son of a bitch, tossing 143 complete games and 4000+ innings for the Angels, Red Sox, Rangers, Tigers, and Mets. Early in his career he was a flame thrower, striking out 269 batters in 1975 with the Angels, but he had arm problems that forced him to reinvent himself as a finesse lefty (he's the old school version of present day Grand Pappy Jamie Moyer). Wikipedia has this interesting tidbit- Tanana is one of two pitchers (along with Rick Reuschel) to have given up a home run to both Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds...they must be so proud.

I love it when I come across a baseball card like Warren's. The out of control mop on his head with the plumped cheek due to chewing tobacco...classic! Brusstar came up with Philadelphia in 1977 and went on to pitch 9 season with the Phillies, White Sox, and Cubs. He was a relief pitcher that never did much noteworthy aside from doing some kick-ass poses on baseball cards. I do wonder if he was the inspiration for Brewster's Millions staring Richard Pryor and John Candy.

Speak To Me:
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Frank the Tank!!!


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