Saturday, February 07, 2009

Taking a Dump (With Links)

*Sharapova's Thigh (fantastic blog name by the way) delves into the the situation by the bay this year with the San Francisco Giants. Added bonus- Lizzie McGuire, oops, I mean Hilary Duff eye candy.

*Ever notice how the best blogs have the best names? Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies is no exception, and author Tecmo got the ultimate plug yesterday as his site was mentioned on ESPN's Jim Rome is Burning. Congrats!

*Sticking with the quality blog title theme, we move onward to Awful Announcing who take a look at the NBA's money scheming sellout ways, as they will play G-E-I-C-O (I'd love to make roadkill of that f'n British accented gecko or club that ugly-ass caveman on the commercials) in place of the traditional H-O-R-S-E. No word yet on a 4-H Club lawsuit.

*Here at More Hardball (another high quality blog moniker) we're fans of long lost twins (Set 1, Set 2, Set 3), so to see our buddy at Hugging Harold Reynolds (brilliant handle!) post a picture of actor Vincent D'Onofrio and the Washington Wizards head coach brings a smile to our face.

*The World of Isaac usually has some scantily clad images of exquisite ladies on their site mixed with sports articles, but yesterday they posted a video of a kid returning from the dentist where he was given drugs...lil' dude is higher than Michael Jackson's falsetto.

*If you were lucky enough to catch any of the Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl V on Super Sunday then you likely realized the sweet leathery voice of Hall of Fame broadcaster Harry Kalas. We Should Be GM's wondered what the hell the rest of the Phils broadcasting team did during the Super Bowl and was astonished with their findings. Larry Andersen and ShamWow!, that's all I've got to say.

*The Big Lead flat out tells it like it is and busts out- Jeter should no longer be a shortstop. They reference baseball aficionado Bill James who proclaimed the Yankee captain to be the worst fielding shortstop in the game today (over the last 3 seasons in fact)...ouch! Usually I can't stand for badmouthing of Mr. Jeter, as everyone knows he's my favorite player, but the facts don't lie.

Michael Jackson- Billie Jean Remix featuring Kayne West


GM-Carson said...

How many of you are now signing Billie Jean...that shit will stay with you for days!

Burton said...

She's just a girl...says that I am the one! But the kid is not my son!

Anonymous said...

It seems to me, you were mistaken

Anonymous said...

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