Thursday, February 19, 2009

Speed Demons: All-Stolen Base Team

The days of Rickey Henderson, Vince Coleman, Lou Brock, and Rock Raines going crazy on the base paths are behind us (although Rickey is always a threat to come out of retirement). Stealing bases is considered risky and often a forgotten element of today's game (which focuses on power). The following list of players were the leaders at their position for stolen bases in 2008; and you'll notice it's a nice mix of whites, blacks, Japanese, and Latin Americans.

Daytona Speed Demons:
1B/Lance Berkman- 18 sb
2B/Brian Roberts- 40 sb
3B/Chone Figgins- 34 sb
SS/Jose Reyes- 56 sb
Lf/Juan Pierre- 40 sb
CF/Willy Taveras- 68 sb
RF/Ichiro Suzuki- 43 sb
C/Russell Martin- 18 sb
DH/Gary Sheffield- 9 sb
P/Greg Maddux, Ted Lilly, Bronson Arroyo, Oliver Perez, Brad Hennessey, and Brad Thompson- 1 sb each

Run DMC- Run's House

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The Constable. said...

Thanks for the heads-up on Berkman's stolen bases.

GM-Carson said...

Berkman is a big dude (nicknamed Big Puma) and it's amazing he has those sorta wheels.

Mr. A-Hole said...

White boys are fast?

Philly Keith said...

Pierre wasn't even a starter for half the season...pathetic

Check out this Phillies fan forum

GM-Carson said...

Pierra is a pesky lil' prick.