Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Minor Threats: Minor League Contract Team

Each offseason MLB players of varying degrees of success are signed to minor league contracts. Sometimes these players excel and become a force in the lineup (Eric Hinske for Tampa Bay last season) or have a steadying effect on the staff (Brian Moehler for Houston last year). The following is a 25 man roster constructed of players that have been signed to minor league contracts for the upcoming 2009 season.

(*2008 stats listed for each player)

1. Scott Podsednik/LF- .251/.323/.333, 12 sb
2. Alex Cintron/SS- .286/.321/.361
3. Rich Aurilia/3B- .283/.332/.413, 10 hr.
4. Kevin Millar/1B- .234/.323/.394, 20 hr, 73 r, 72 rbi
5. Jonny Gomes/DH- .182/.282/.383
6. Emil Brown/RF- .244/.297/.386, 13 hr
7. Javier Valentin/C- .256/.326/.411
8. Juan Uribe/2B- .247/.296/.386
9. Corey Patterson/CF- .205/.238/.344, 10 hr, 14 sb

*Chris Gomez/2B/3B/SS/1B- .273/.322/.333
*Daryle Ward/1B/OF- .216/.319/.402
*Jamie Burke/C- .261/.303/.326
*Miguel Cairo/2B/SS/3B/1B/OF- .249/.316/.330


1. Livan Hernandez- 13-11, 180 ip, 6.05 era, 1.67 whip
2. Glendon Rusch- 5-5, 83.2 ip, 5.16 era, 1.42 whip
3. Josh Fogg- 2-7, 78.1 ip, 7.58 era, 1.58 whip
4. Freddy Garcia- 1-1, 15 ip, 4.20 era, 1.13 whip
5. Chris Capuano- inactive in '08

1. Eric Gagne- 4-3, 10 sv, 46.1 ip, 5.44 era, 1.47 whip
2. Eddi Guardado- 4-4, 4 sv, 56.1 ip, 4.15 era, 1.22 whip
3. Jason Isringhausen- 1-5, 12 sv, 42.2 ip, 5.70 era, 1.64 whip
4. Wil Ledezma- 0-2, 58.1 ip, 4.17 era, 1.58 whip
5. Jamey Wright- 8-7, 84.1 ip, 5.12 era, 1.52 whip
6. Matt Herges- 3-4, 64.1 ip, 5.04 era, 1.60 whip
7. John Parrish- 1-1, 42.1 ip, 4.04 era, 1.46 whip

*The lineup has a bit of speed with Podsednik and Patterson, each capable of 20+ stolen bases with regular playing time. Millar, Brown, Gomes, and Aurilia all have some pop in their bats, with Gomes having the most upside in the lineup. The bench in versatile and anyone of them could be inserted into the starting lineup. The rotation has innings eater Livan Hernandez and a bunch of question marks, hence the reason for relievers that can handle a heavy load. I'm counting on Capuano to bounce back from injury and Garcia to give me 150+ innings. Wil Ledezma can be inserted into the starting rotation when need be, as he's the staff's swingman. Gagne will serve as closer, but Isringhausen has much experience in that role too. Guardado and Parrish are the lefties.

Minor Threat- Minor Threat


GM-Carson said...

History Lesson:
Minor Threat was a punk band in the early 80's that coined the phrase "straight edge", meaning no smoking, drinking, or drugs. Lead singer Tim then went on to form Fugazi.

The Zoner said...

I think Ian Mackaye was the lead singer. Anyway, +1 for mentioning Minor Threat and great post!!

GM-Carson said...

You're correct, Iam was...dammit! Thanks for the correction though.

Mr. A-Hole said...

You guys claim to be funny, yet back to back unfunny posts. I expect better tomorrow.

GM-Carson said...

We're not always all about being funny Mr. A-Hole. We like to post serious stuff once in awhile too.

Anonymous said...

I just found that album (but green cover, I think it's the third pressing) at the value village for a dollar. Dust cover, inserts, wierd fuzz on the record that tells you it's never been played. Plus, Misfits 'Legacy of Brutality'. I am so awesome.

Burton said...

Mmmm...weird fuzz and the first thing you suspect is that it hasn't been played? Fuzz usually indicates something more serious is happening...it's alive!

GM-Carson said...

Minor Threat's complete discography is a must have.

Burton is still a newbie in the punk world, but I'm steering him in the right direction...he's my He-Bro afterall.

Burton said...

How do you do? I don't believe we've met. My name is Ian, and I'm a minor threat.

GM-Carson said...

This site should do a punk post on the weekend...I may just do that.

tamtam said...

what a sad bunch of players. i remember when most of those players were playing in the majors (especially the chicago guys-podsednik and patterson). to wind up in the minors again is just shameful, but then again, with people like livan, thats probably where he belonged. i remember livan very well-couldnt throw a strike to save his life!

GM-Carson said...

If Livan would have made all of his starts last year, he'd have given up 300+ hits...bad!

GM-Carson said...

Damn, this story got linked twice in one week to MLBTR...thanks!

Robert Rittner said...

I would have 33 year old Adam Kennedy (.280/.321/.372) on the team, probably over Uribe and certainly over Cairo and Gomez. He was and remains an better player than either, is younger and is just as versatile.

GM-Carson said...

I agree with you, he wasn't on the list of minor league contract signers that I used though unfortunately.

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