Sunday, February 08, 2009

Major League Expansion, Part 2

Not every state is fortunate to be represented in a sport whose championship is touted as being a "World Series." Currently, only 18 of 50 states can boast a major league team. Previously, New England and Middle Atlantic states were covered; below, a look at teams from the South Atlantic region.

Delaware - Wilmington Wonders
Mascot: Big Fuzzy Baseball
Location of Field: Wilmington
Uniforms: Star Spangled Jerseys, red White and Blue, White Pants with blue stripes.
Reason for name: One of Delaware's nicknames is the "Small Wonder State;" as in "It is small wonder that anyone even knows anything about this state." Seriously, what goes on in Delaware anyway?

West Virginia - Charleston Miners
Mascot: Coal Miner with Pick-Axe
Location of Field: Charleston
Uniforms: Blue Coveralls, White Jersey, Hard hats
Reason for name: I could have gone with West Virginia In Breeders, but that would be promoting an unfair stereotype, and it would be obvious. So, I took the "high road" and went with Coal Miners instead, as that is one of West Virginia's main industries.

Virginia - Roanoke Rapids
Mascot: Kayaking Baseball Player
Location of Field: Roanoke
Uniforms: White Jersey, Orange Vest, Blue Pants
Reason for name: Whitewater rapids are prominent tourist attractions in the mountains of Virginia. It is either that or a team logo having something to do with farming.

North Carolina - Carolina Moonshiners
Mascot: A Yosef-esque character.
Location of Field: Charlotte
Uniforms: Black Coveralls, yellow flannel jerseys, large brim black felt crown hat
Reason for name: North Carolinians take pride in our heritage of Moonshinin', after all, it was this illicit activity that lead to the sport of NASCAR. Moonshine was often referred to as "Panther Piss," which makes me wonder if that is how the Carolina Panthers received their name.

South Carolina - Columbia Confederates
Mascot: Rebel Soldier
Location of Field: Columbia
Uniforms: Gray Jersey, Gray Pants, Black Belts with C.S.A. gold belt buckle, Rebel Cap
Reason for name: Contrary to popular belief, most of us in "The South" do not walk around longing for the days of the Confederacy. There are few who do, and we call them South Carolinians...just kidding, but they did start the Civil War.

The next installment will delve deeper into the southern states.
Some music to listen to whilst you view...

Dueling Banjos from Deliverance
Holy Shit! Is that Will Cunnane on the banjo?


GM-Carson said...

Fantastic work on the logos.

Burton said...

Now squeal like a piggy!

Jon said...

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Deaner said...

From a native West Virginian, thanks for taking the high road on the inbreeding thing :)

Burton said...

That one was for you Deaner!

Josh M said...

I love the Charleston Miners concept and logo. Living in North Carolina, I would like to see a team in Raleigh called the Carolina Cropdusters or Raleigh Round-Trippers.

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