Friday, February 27, 2009

F.U. Manny!

More Hardball refrains from using the "F" word (we're PG-13), but mother f'er, I'm really tempted to bust it out today. Manny Ramirez really pisses me off. He's a lazy, cocky, self-absorbed, egotistical son of a bitch...but dammit he can hit. The latest news that has my back hair raised is that he rejected the Dodgers generous contract offer as if it were some sort of diseased fruit basket or one of those wall mounted singing fish. The offer that he scoffed at was for 1 year with a guaranteed $25M, which is more than all readers of this blog combined will make in a lifetime (unless of course Manny himself tuned in today). There's a player option year for $20M too...guess that can't buy a big enough mansion in Hollywood to fit his massively swollen head into. If he weren't one of the greatest righthanded hitters of all-time, nobody would give two pinches of shit about him right now, but he is that damn good, so of course he's the media circus trucks along. People are tired of the cliche "Manny being Manny", because that's bullshit. It's time he accepts the contract on the table, suits up, knocks the shit outta the ball for an entire season then demands more money again next offseason. My guess, he's just holding out so his slothful ass doesn't have to go through spring training. F.U. Manny!


A Word from the Wise:
*We Should Be GM's took the Garbage Pail Kids baseball concept to a whole new level, covering nearly everyone on the Phillies pitching staff.

*More Hardball had it's best week ever (move aside VH1) with much appreciated links from Deadspin, MLB Trade Rumors, and Baseball Musings.

*3:10 to Joba allows viewers to gaze upon their namesake's (Joba Chamerlain) arm-candy...pretty!

*Sharapova's Thigh (I get tingly every time I type that) takes an in depth look at the Indians...sorry, no Cleveland Steamers for you perverts out there.

*Hugging Harold Reynolds has photo evidence that A-Rod's roiding cousin is no longer on the good stuff, and if he is it must be man-boob enhancers.

Limp Bizkit and Method Man- N 2 Tegether Now


GM-Carson said...

I just listed/watched the video and noticed it was censored...dammit to hell!

GM-Carson said...

I can't believe we've gotten 533 votes so far in the sidebar World Series poll (although about 50 are votes from me for the Phils probably).

Mr. A-Hole said...

Limp Bizkit is for faggots, but that song is fuckin' awesome because of Meth.

tamtam said...

manny is an asshole. i hope he goes unsigned this season and takes a loss

tamtam said...

ps-i'd be happy to exchange blog links with you. this could be the start of a productive partnership :)

GM-Carson said...

partnership...sounds kinky!

MB21 said...

In other words, it’s time this minority shuts up and accepts that he is the property of others, suits up, hits the crap out of the ball and then demands more money at which point I will tell the minority to shut up and accept that he is property again.

Yep. That's exactly what you just said here. Well done. The least you could have done was come out and just admit that you're a racist. Worst stuff I have ever seen in my life here. Shameful

GM-Carson said...

A racist. WTF? I would have typed that shit if the dude was white, Indian, or a fucking smurf. Manny was offered outrageous money, he should sign. Who gives a shit about his ethnicity? I certainly do not.

MB21d said...

So Manny should sign for whatever YOU think is appropriate for him? He's not granted the same privileges as you and I? He doesn't get to determine where he works and for how much he works? You get to decide when and where he works and for how much?

Is that what you're saying? That all ball players should sign for whatever they're offered because, well, because you say so? Athletes shouldn't be allowed to decide where they play and for how much? Really?

Look, if you're not actually a racist then I apologize for saying it. However, what you have written here is pretty damn silly. And for what little it is worth, I find it hard to believe you'd be this critical of someone if his name was David Wright or Chase Utley.

GM-Carson said...

The man was offered something north of $40M dollars, so yeah, he should sign. Don't bring race into this, because it's got nothing to do with it. I don't think players should sign for "whatever", but the kind of money being thrown at Manny is "whatever" kind of money now is. Get rid of you Man-Ram hard-on and think clearly for a second you accusing prick.

MB21 said...

I don't have a hard on for Manny. I'm not a Dodgers fan or a Red Sox fan or an Indians fan. I couldn't care less for which team he signs, when he does so and for how much money.

I won't argue that the contract he was offered isn't a lot of money, but it's not for you and I to decide whether or not he should sign. That's his decision. His right. The same as the one's we have. If Manny thinks he's going to get more money out of the Dodgers then he would be an idiot to sign just as you or I would be an idiot to not accept a raise or would only take a job if it offered us this little. Get real.

Manny is being smart. He knows the Dodgers will pay and he's going to get the money that THEY are willing to pay him. Where's the anger for the Dodgers not offering him what they eventually will? THEY could have ended this long ago. THEY knew what he wanted and THEY know they will pay it in the end.

You could and should be as upset with the Dodgers as you are with Manny, but you're busy blaming a ballplayer for trying to get as much money as he can at his job. Apparently you would refuse a raise if offered. good for you. That's not how 99% of the people in this world would act.

The Dodgers are handling this just like they should. They don't want to pay more money than they don't have to so why meet Manny's asking price until they have to? This is a business that employs people who can play baseball. The moment you look at these players as anything other than employees is the moment you've become irrational.

It's a simple business transaction between 2 parties. Nothing more and nothing less. Sooner or later they will come to terms, but until they do there is no one party more at fault than the other. it's preposterous to suggest otherwise. And I get the feeling that intellectual dishonesty happens quite often around here based on this article and your two comments here.

GM-Carson said...

Thank you!

I thank you because you just made a strong argument without calling me racist. I wish you could have done that in the first place. I'm cool with you not agreeing with me and stating your opinion, the problem I had with you was right away you started calling me something I most definitely am not.