Friday, February 13, 2009

Drugs & Links

Baseball's headlines have been all about drugs this week. Do a quick Google image search of "baseball drugs" and you get some of the following pictures:

Damn your Barroid Bonds, A-Roid/A-Fraud, Roger "Performance Enhanced Rocket" Clemens, and Miraculously Massive Mark McGwire!

*The 700 Level visits Eric Bruntlett during a recent fishing trip. He may not be able to hit all that well, but dude rocks a kick-ass beard...calling Yukon Cornelius.

*Not Qualified To Comment looks at the Cubs Milton Bradley signing and wonders if they spent too much too soon based on the tumultuous economic times...Phils Phans wonder the same about the Raul Ibanez signing. I'm going on record and predicting the game company Milton Bradely produces more games in 2009 than the baseball player Milton Bradley plays during his 3 year contract with Chicago.

*I'm a big Pat Burrell fan, and I'm already missing him, but it appears that Tampa Bay is treating him right. Bugs & Cranks tells of Burrell's dog Elvis getting the royal treatment during spring training.

*Sharapova's Thigh (oh, what I'd give to actually be so) asks the question- Would your rather be a baseball player or a frat boy?

*Since today's main topic was drugs, I thought this story from Awful Announcing about Grand Rapids Sports columnist David Mayo growing mass amounts of weed to help supplement his income would be appropriate.

*Sticking with the drug theme, The World of Isaac has video of Michael Phelps apology to China...ah, how sweet!

Weezer- Hash Pipe


GM-Carson said...

Got to put my two favorite bands on all-time in posts this week. First Beastie Boys then Weezer today. Now I need to work in Pennywise some way next week.

Anonymous said...

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