Friday, February 20, 2009

Arrested Development

Baseball players are human. They foul up from time to time like the rest of us, and they, too, must face the consequences. The number of MLB arrests is in the hundreds, but they mostly fall into two categories: Assault and Battery, and Drugs and Alcohol.

Ty Cobb was charged with felonious assault after an argument with a hotel watchman turned physical. Cobb was also arrested "for drunkenness" during the prohibition era of the 1930's.

Ranger's pitcher Frank Francisco - Charged with felony battery (September 2004). Arrested after he threw a chair at a female Athletics fan, breaking her nose.

Arizona infielder Alberto Callaspo was arrested for assault (2007) a misdemeanor, and felony damage to property after a fight with his wife turned physical.

Jose Offerman - (August 2007) Former Dodger and Met charged the mound during a minor league game (his last ditch effort to rejoin the majors) and struck the pitcher and catcher with a baseball bat. This was his response to being hit by a pitch. He was charged with two counts of second-degree assault.

September 1994 saw a then unknown Manny Ramirez charged with a DUI after driving through Washington Heights drunk off his ass. According to the arresting officer, Ramirez "mentioned something about playing in Yankee Stadium and hitting a home run," he said. "But I'd never heard of the guy." Apparently in an attempt to impress the officer, Ramirez's girlfriend showed him a Ramirez baseball card. The officer was unimpressed.

Jim Leyritz, former Yankee, arrested for DUI manslaughter and DUI property damage (December 2007). Leyritz plowed his 2006 Ford Explorer into another vehicle driven by a Florida mother of two, killing her.

Scott Spiezio - (March 2008) driving under the influence, driving with blood alcohol of 0.08% or more, hit and run with property damage, aggravated assault, battery and assault.

Joba Chamberlain - Yankees pitcher (October 2008). DUI arrest in Lincoln, Nebraska after a night of boozing it up. Even this guy's impersonator was arrested, earlier, for impersonating Joba Chamberlain. That shouldn't take much, just participate in some bar-hopping, and go for a drive!

Steve Howe (1991) - Former Yankee reliever arrested for felony charge of cocaine possession.

Dwight 'Doc' Gooden arrested for DUI in February of 2002 and later in 2005.

Green Day - Jinx


GM-Carson said...

That Leyritz thing sucks, DUI is not funny in the least, especially when it ends in death.

Burton said...

Yeah, I debated putting that one up there, as there is nothing funny about DUI and death. What an asshole.

GM-Carson said...

I know he didn't mean to do it, but he did it and there's no changing that.

Mr. A-Hole said...

What the fuck did that Green Day song have to do with your theme?

Burton said...

"I fucked up again It's all my fault so turn me around and face the wall and read me my rights and tell me I am wrong until it gets into my thick skull.

A slap on the wrist
A stab in the back
torture me I've been a bad boy
nail me to the cross and tell me
you have won
I lost before I did any wrong..."

A Jinx is someone who fucks up. You knew that, right?

Philly Keith said...

don't forget about Albert Belle running over the kids that egged his house on mischief night...

Check out this Phillies fan forum

Anonymous said...

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