Saturday, January 17, 2009

Twins other than Minnesota

Everyone is supposed to have a double out there somewhere on the planet. This is a scary thought when you stop and think about it, especially for whomever has the misfortune of being Don Mossi's or Randy Johnson's double.
Anyway...Below are several examples of some utterly uncanny similarities.

The Rockies' logo is like Paramount's mountain on steroids. The jagged peaks are better defined and more pointy. But this is the sport of baseball afterall, and steroid usage is expected.

Doth my eyes deceive me? Or does former Dodgers' Manager Tommy Lasorda strongly resemble draft dodging former President Clinton? (Sorry Tommy...)

Poor-sport crybaby Richie Sexson looks a lot like real sport Greek wrestlers getting their sex on.

Which one is chipper and which one is Chipper? I honestly can't tell. Maybe I accidentally posted the same picture twice. Either way, it is a picture of a huge jackass.
And finally...

The "Italian Stallion" himself, Sal Fasano gives a whole new meaning to the term "mustache rides." Plop a Phillies hat on the backside of a philly, and who can tell the difference? Now do you want to be one of Sal's Pals?


GM-Carson said...

Larry Jones sure is a jackass. I should know, I'm one of his illegitimate children. He's gives nice child support checks though.


i definitely am having trouble with the Chipper Jones choices...eenie, meenie, miny, moe...

Burton said...

Good luck, IRONPIGPEN. I still can't tell.

Anonymous said...

After naming his child Shea after his success against the Mets Chipper Jones has had a new baby boy the infant will be called First Round And Out Jones.

GM-Carson said...

Our "Hooters" Jones

tamtam said...

HAAAAAHAHAHA!!!! sal fasano and the horse's ass was perfect!!

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