Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Hardball's Roots

More Hardball is revamping itself by rededicating to doing funny yet solid posts based on anything related to Major League Baseball. This site started out as a joint venture between WSBGM's co-bloggers Corey and Carson back in April of 2006. Corey left the blog shortly thereafter, and Carson took over as sole blogger, but left the site fall by the wayside. Now that another co-blogger, Burton, has been added to the fold, there will be daily updates, better material with a fresh perspective, and an overall improved site. Enjoy...

More Hardball's Roots:
*Roids-A-Roni- posterboy of HGH use, Barroid Bonds.

*Reason #478- why Corey hates the Yankees.

*Where's the Beef?- a roster composed of "meaty" men.

*Small Fries- a roster composed of itty-bitty elves.

*How I Really Feel- why Carson hates the Yankees.

*Genitalia- Dick Pole and Rusty Kuntz.

*Gaiety- the Yankees may be gay...not that there's anything wrong with that.

*BJ Weed- I shit you not, this was an actual player's name.

*Rodney Craig- dude looks stoned.

*Evidence Against Clemens- Roger "Rocket" Clemens looks like roided-up dude on cover of NES classic Contra.

*Screw the Mets!- title says it all.

*Moments with Manny- Manny being Manny.

H2O- Family Tree (Roots)



Nice reporting with BJ Weed. We need to restore America's confidence in journalism so hard evidence with the baseball card is necessary and appreciated.

Does BJ has a brother who was a relief pitcher, Smoke?



Ind Can-Am Worcester Tornadoes (6 HR 38 RBI, .294 avg)

It seems as if Weed production is improving since operations in Rancho Cucamonga were shut down in 2005 by the LA Angels.

Batting average has improved from .268 last year to .294 this season in Can Am League. Better quality Weed?

GM-Carson said...

Yes, IronPigPen, that's the good shit...pass it to the left.

Burton said...

Woah wait guys, don't leave me out!

GM-Carson said...

Take a toke but don't choke.

Cause if you do, no have no clue, of what me and my homey He-Bro came to do...

Burton said...

GM-Carson said...

I freakin' love that song!

To all More Hardball readers, all dozen of you, this will become one of our signatures, where we post a music video with most articles. Like I said today, Enjoy...

Burton said...

Ah yes,our dozen loyal readers. We should feel fortunate, this is more then twice the number of listeners I had for my radio show!