Monday, January 19, 2009

Base Wars...Best Game Ever!

  • There are many things from my youth that I wish could be brought back (like my youth for example), but when it comes to video games, there is a special place in my heart for old school NES games, especially, Base Wars. The game was released in 1991 and fully exploited the best of 8-bit graphics. Set in a future where it was cheaper to build, destroy, and rebuild robots rather than pay actual players ridiculous sums of money, the game had everything a 12 year old boy could want!

  • The game featured different types of robots; Flybots, Tanks, Cyborgs, and Mcycles (part cyborg and part motorcycle)
  • It was baseball pumped up, without steroids! Robots with cannons for arms pitching at 150+ miles an hour! Basemen armed to the metallic teeth with machine guns, iron fists, flying fists, and Muramasa swords. If a player decided to steal, you could blast the bejeesus out of it. Even if you were tagged out you could still fight your way to remaining on base.

  • Need another example? Three words: Shit blew up! You could hit a batter with a ball so fast, he would explode at the plate, leaving the smoking remains of his body. The same was true for combat over bases. In the fight scenes a runner or baseman with low hit points risked being utterly destroyed. The fact that you could beat the shine off the chrome was also therapeutic. I used to create two teams, one with my friends names, and one with the names of everyone I didn't like, and I would proceed to destroy them, and dance on their ruined remains. It was cathartic, and probably saved me from several trips to the principal's office!

  • Lastly, the game was customizable, a rare feature in those days. You could build players, name them whatever you wanted, create your own teams, enter a pennant mode, win money, and buy better weapons. I spent many hours dominating the future with my teams specialized to the point of perfection.

With the advancement in graphics and interaction, this game needs to be resurrected. Think of Base Wars on the Wii!

The game also posed an interesting question: Could baseball survive in a future without humans?


GM-Carson said...

Never played this game, but now I wish I did. Right around when it came out I was converting to Sega and playing Cal Ripken JR. Baseball.

My favorite NES baseball game was RBI was the shit!

Burton said...

I never had RBI baseball. I had just plain Baseball. It was one of the earliest Nintendo sports games, and had virtually no graphics to speak of. But it was fun nonetheless. Then Base Wars came along...

GM-Carson said...

Don't get me wrong, I love the new gaming systems (proud owner of a Wii and addicted to Resident Evil), but I miss the old school days of simplicity sometimes.

Matt said...

Best baseball game for Nintendo was Baseball Stars, hands down.