Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Same Name Syndrome

You can stop holding your breath now, More Hardball is back for all its adoring fans (assuming there are some). After a 2.5 month hiatus, we'll once again be bringing you a weekly feature of baseball hilarity and obscurity. We kick off our comeback tour with yet another case of same name syndrome...The Braun's.

Ryan Braun has taken MLB by storm, reaching 20 homeruns in less than 70 games after making his debut in late May. His stats are off the charts, especially for a rookie. Naturally, I checked his availability for my fantasy teams and was amazed to see he was still a free agent. To my dismay, the "real" Ryan Braun of Milwaukee fame was gobbled up long ago and some no-talent ass-clown by the same name that pitches for the lowly Royals was still available. Needless to say I left the latter Braun for the vultures.

The Brew Crew's Ryan J. Braun is a 23 year old stud 3rd baseman that was drafted out of Miami in 2005. He quickly hit his way through the minors and is currently assaulting MLB pitching. His career thus far is one of the most impressive beginnings ever- 65 games, .346 average, 52 runs, 92 hits, 17 doubles, 3 triples, 21 homeruns, 54 rbi, 10 stolen bases, and a 1.057 OPS. If he would have been around the entire season, we wouldn't only be discussing Rookie of the Year and MVP, but a possible Triple Crown as well.

The other, lesser known, Ryan Braun plays for Kansas City and really isn't all that good. Ryan Z. Braun made his MLB debut in 2006 for the Royals and has bounced back and forth between the minors ever since. He is a 27 year old relief pitcher that doesn't really offer much relief. In his big league career he has pitched in 22 games, logging 29.2 innings, with no wins and a 7.28 era. I'm not sure how much more we'll be hearing of this Ryan Braun for years to come.



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