Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Power of 10

Garrett Anderson has always been a steady but seldom-heard-of producer for the Angels over on the West Coast for the past 14 seasons ('94-Present) with 2,164 hits, 249 homeruns, and 1,178 rbi over his career. Not too long ago he regularly posted 100+ rbi a year (2000-2003, 96 rbi in '05), but his production has recently declined due to various injuries. However, last night against the hated Yankees he went Yahtzee and knocked in 10 runs. Yes, 10 rbi in 1 game...that's crazy!

Here's a list of MLB batters with 100+ at bats this season that Garrett out-produced in one game (at bats/rbi): Alberto Callaspo (126/5), Robert Fick (142/5), Travis Metcalf (100/6), Norris Hopper (210/6), Rajai Davis (112/6), Michael Bourn (109/6), Paul Bako (140/7), Todd Linden (136/7), Luis Rodriguez (108/7), Alexi Casilla (115/7), Chris Woodward (117/8), Rod Barajas (117/9), Cesar Izturis (249/9), Tony Gwynn (113/9), Jerry Owens (225/9), and Tony Abreu (118/9).



GM-Carson said...

Travis Metcalf must have heard me busting on him for under-producing this season, as he helped the Texas Rangers beat the Baltimore Orioles 30-3 and 9-7 in double-header action yesterday, contributing 4 rbi in each game for 8 total upping his season's total to 14 (had 6 to start the day). 30 runs in one game is a new modern baseball record and 39 runs for a double header also a record...glad I'm not an O's fan.

BloodStripes said...

GA is still on a roll. A 12 game RBI streak and still going.

I have always been a big fan of Anderson. He stays under cover and keeps quite. An Angels legend and not even retired. Holds several franchise records and continues to create more. His RBI streak being the latest. I'll always remember his clutch 3 run double in the World Series that put the Angels ahead for good to win. Awesome. One of my favourites players.