Thursday, August 16, 2007

In A Pinch

I peruse the box scores for every MLB game every day (I know I'm pathetically obsessed). In doing so I often come across funny names (Buck Coats of the Cubs in '06), same names (Ryan Braun's of Brewers and Royals), or unique occurrences (Ranger's pitcher Bryan Corey and Scott Feldman pitching in the same game).

Recently I have been following the pinch-hitting heroics of Mark Sweeney, who is now in 2nd place on the all-time pinch-hits list behind Sir Lenny Harris (who has 212). Sweeney started this season with the San Francisco Giants and has since moved on to the Los Angeles Dodgers, but no matter where he goes he's always good in a pinch. His pinch-hitting line thus far this season is 54 ab, 10 r, 18 h, 6 dbl, 2 hr, 9 rbi, 10 bb, .333 avg, and an outstanding 1.002 OPS. At 37 years old, I'm sure he can probably hang around into his 40's in the NL if he can continuing posting numbers similar to those.


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BenJah said...

wow! sweeney's, like, the best of the worst...or something.