Friday, May 25, 2007

Mistaken Identity

Would someone please mark that McLemore. I see M. McLemore pitches a scoreless inning in relief in the boxscore of the Houston Astros game the other day and think to myself, "when the hell did Mark McLemore come back to baseball, as a pitcher no less?". Well, truth be known, there's a second coming of Mark McLemore and this one is white.

The McLemore I was thinking of is a gansta utility player that made a living playing for various teams during a span of 19 seasons. He played for the Angels, Astros, Orioles, Rangers, Mariners, and Athletics logging 1,832 games, scoring 943 runs, smacking 1,602 hits, stealing 272 bases, batting .259 with a decent .349 on base %. During his career he played every position on the diamond except for 1st base and catcher. Keep it real brotha!

The new McLemore is still a young pup, and he's a reliever that just came up from the Astros' system. He made his MLB debut on May 24th of this year. Sorry kid, but you can't compare to the original.



BenJah said...

i think this blog needs updating. if you are short on ideas, boobies are always nice.

what's the most rediculous thing you did to get laid? i recently spent $200 on a cdrom program to learn japanese so i can talk to this honey from japan who i met recently.

GM-Carson said...

Benjah- that's so pathetic it's brilliant.

I'll start doing weekly entries again shortly.

Nice to know at least 1 person tunes in to this site.

BenJah said...

awesome, i look forward to new updates. and if you ever need any help, let me know.

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