Sunday, April 08, 2007

He eats cat?

Like Rusty Kuntz, sometimes everything is in a name, hence Jon Coutlangus. Coutlangus is a left-handed rookie relief pitcher that was originally drafted as an outfielder for the Cincinnati Reds this season.

Scouting report- he does well in sticky situations, seems to thrive when the game conditions are wet/moist, and has a future as a closer because he "penetrates through the middle of the opposition", however umpires have suspected him of using a spitball. In case you can't pick out the punchline... Coutlangus=cunnilingus.



BloodStripes said...

How do people get these names? Crazy.

BenJah said...

you didn't have to give away the punch line.....we get it! these names really are great, except for the poor shmozos who get them. do you think they cry a lot?

GM-Carson said...

I might cry if I were a kid, but you could parlay it into a comedy act as a grown up...For 1 Night Only- Rusty Kuntz!