Friday, March 09, 2007

Watch Your Back!

By now you have heard, unless you live in your Grandma's basement, that Gary Matthews Jr. has been linked to a notorious steroid ring. He had packages of HGH shipped to his freaking stupid! Gary received a huge pay-day from the Angels this offseason, 5 years 50 million, and I crowned him the poster boy for outlandish contracts. Not only is his contract now ridiculous, but it is completely undeserved as well. I know he's not the first MLB player to be connected with illegal/banned substances, and he certainly won't be the last, but nonetheless this news is discouraging. I want the game cleaned up. I'm tired of the media attention being on the MLB steroids scandal. What about the shitty NBA, or the testosterone driven NFL? Those stories get swept under the carpet, and MLB gets left with a black eye. And a black eye is exactly what the Sarge, Gary Matthews Sr., should leave on his son after he's done beating his ass!



furiousBall said...

Definitely sad and I agree, Sarge should take JR. behind the woodshed.

GM-Carson said...

I know roids are a big issue and problem, but baseball isn't the only sport with jacked up athletes. The NBA is full of pot heads and I'm sure a lot of them are juicing. The NFL always has players testing positive. But what makes the headlines?...MLB. Bull shit!