Sunday, March 04, 2007


Remember when Willie Mays-Hayes (Wesley Snipes) pulled up in his pimped out Volkswagen Bug wearing a cheesy 80's suit in the movie Major League? One of the best cinematic lines was delivered when one of the coaches said, "look at this f**kin' guy". That's how I feel about Roger Clemens. He's one of the greatest pitchers of all-time but he walks around like he owns the place and keeps doing this "will I or won't I" b.s. about retiring or continuing to play's getting old! Hurry up and make up your mind already. By the way, if you do decide to return to MLB, play the entire season, as that's what everyone else does you prima-Donna.



furiousBall said...

It's really not Rocket's problem, the teams that pay him to get away with that really are enabling him to do this. By the same token, I don't hold A-Rod as a bad guy for making $25 Mill/year. Heck, if someone wants to pay me 25X what the guy sitting next to me, I'm taking it. I can insure financial stability for my family for generations with that kind of scratch. Now...what you do with those opportunities, that's the true measure of what kinda man you are.

GM-Carson said...

I don't fault A-Rod for making ridiculous loot. He'd be dumb not to accept it.

I fault Rocket for this back-and-forth retire/not retire bullshit. Make up your mind and go to spring training, travel with the club, and basically be a member of the team.

Skeeter said...

There isn't one part of this post I didn't like.

Why does he get special privileges? Because he WAS good. I'll say it now...if the rocket wanted to be a Phillie, I'd say no. He only goes 5 innings a game. 6 tops. gives up 1 or 2 runs. Yea its ok, nothing dominate for an entire game. He is old and a HORRIBLE teammate. He should have to go to every road game. How does that look to rookies? They see him not doing shit with the team because he WAS great in the 90's. What kind of precedent does that set to future stars of this game?

I hate everything about him. I don't care if I'm the only one who thinks it.

GM-Carson said...

I think Roger Clemens is one of the best right-handed pitchers of all-time, the stats back this up. He still has the ability to be an effective MLB pitcher at the ripe age of 40+. However, he is an ass-bag when it comes to being a human being and therefore a teammate...complete jerk-off!!!