Friday, February 16, 2007

Before and After



Look at what steroids can do. And I thought Frank Perdue said he didn't inject his chickens with steriods...lying chicken-necked bastard!



furiousBall said...

Did ya see that hawk after those hens? He scared 'em! That Rhode Island Red turned white, then blue. Rhode Island, red white and blue! That's a joke, son, a flag-waver! You're built too low. The fast ones go over your head. Ya got a hole in your glove. I keep pitchin' 'em and you keep missin' 'em! Ya gotta keep your eye on the ball! Eye. Ball. Eyeball! I almost had a gag, son--a joke, that is!

BenJah said...

i didnt get the joke AT ALL, but im still lmao

GM-Carson said...

Furiousball I just read your entire comment in the voice of Foghorn Leghorn...shit was funny!