Sunday, January 07, 2007


There truly is an art to blowing a bubble, a big one that is. I myself have actually won two bubble blowing competitions in my life thus trophies or even a f'n ribbon to show for it though. Also, I have the ability to blow triple bubbles (inside of each other), but enough about me blowing because I'm beginning to incriminate myself. Bubblegum and baseball go hand-in-hand like a stripper and a g-string, actually I guess the saying would be "ass-in-string" in that case. Anyway, Big League Chew was a favorite of mine as a kid, because I felt like a big stud out on the field manning the hot corner and blowing big pink bubbles between pitches. Big Leaguers today still chew on the sugary confection, some even pull the old bubble on hat trick to make their teammates look like a fool.

These two baseball cards show wonderboy Ken Griffey Jr. and no-talent ass-clown Jacob Cruz blowing bubbles. We all know Griffey in his prime was one of the best ever, and that's the way I choose to remember him rather than the dilapidated state he's in now. Jacob Cruz on the other hand may best be remembered from this lovely baseball card rather than his extremely subpar MLB could say he blows.



skeeter said...

my god i freakin love big league chew

GM-Carson said...

Skeeter- I should have UPS-ed a carton of that stuff to you for Christmas.

furiousBall said...

if I was at a restaurant and big league chew was on the menu I'd order it every single time for every course of my meal.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...


Oh, I put this blog on my links list too. I didn't know you both had this too.

You all have some great stuff!

Keep up the good work...

- Anthony,

GM-Carson said...

Thanks for the link Anth!

It's all about baseball and humor.

Anonymous said...

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