Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wild Gunman

Why haven't the police apprehended this man? Jose Rijo is obviously a menace to society with those guns. Someone needs to put a stop to his mindless killing spree. He many have won Cincinnati Reds fans over in the 90's with these fire-balling antics, but today's high-class upper-crust will not permit such lavish and careless brandishing of firearms.



BenJah said...

classic video games, like cryptonite.....oh my!

GM-Carson said...

If you remember "Back to the Future Part 2", Marty McFly was playing Wild Gunmen in the diner.

Peter N said...

I remember...the guy in the pics should be hog-tied and carted away to the dungeon. Those garish colored guns....oh my!

michael said...

3 different cards with him shooting a water gun?! honestly. they couldnt get any shots of him actually playing?

but yes marty mcfly playing wild gunmen. ronald reagan as max headroom. i can only hope 2015 is close to that scene.