Saturday, December 16, 2006

Just Plain Silly

Once again I have come across a gem of a baseball card. This card is of Tim Flannery holding his surfboard while with the San Diego Padres. Flannery spent his entire 11 year career with the Padres, and that silly pose for this baseball card was in fact the high-point of his career as his life-time OPS of .652 suggests...he sucked. Hang 10 dude!

What the hell was Topps thinking when they made this card? The afro is flippin' awesome, but the headline is so corny that Del Monte wouldn't touch it. Oscar was one cool brother too, as he was with the Phillies from 70-72 and went on to smack 200 dingers.



BloodStripes said...

Oscar's fro is the greatest. He's doing a good job keeping that hat on his head.

GM-Carson said...

I wish the fro would make a comeback.

Pedro's Great Run said...

The surf card is great. Maybe if he worked out more and surfed less he would have had a better career. He still stuck around for a while though.