Sunday, December 10, 2006

All About the Benjamins

During the 2006 season, people talked about how lack-luster the free agent market was going to be this winter. They weren't wrong in their analysis either, as Barry Zito, Jason Schmidt, Barry Bonds, Carlos Lee, and Alfonso Soriano are/were the only marquee names out there, unless of course you count Jason Marquis. However, based on the dollar amounts being tossed around to mediocre/league average players, one would think that the market was flush with superstars...which simply isn't the case. I guess baseball economics is all about the benjamins, so I went and composed a list of outrageous contracts that some of these hiney-hoppers are being inked to.

Money Can Buy You A Whole Lotta Shit Team:

C- Henry Blanco (Cubs- 2 years/5.25 mil) he's only a backup catcher.

1B- Nomar Garciaparra (LAD- 2 years/18.5) he's only a name now.

2B- Mark DeRosa (Cubs- 3 years/13 mil) he's sucked all but one season of his career, that season happening to be '06.

SS- Alex Gonzalez (Cin- 3 years/14 mil) he cannot hit.

3B- I'm waiting for David Bell to get 3 years/30 mil.

OF- J.D. Drew (Bos- 5 years/70 mil) Beantown- welcome to your overpaid DL member. Gary Matthews Jr. (LAA- 5 years/50 mil) this is the poster boy for ridiculous contracts. Juan Pierre (LAD- 5 years/44 mil) he is a singles hitter, nothing more.

SP- Adam Eaton (Phil- 3 years/24.5 mil) he hasn't ever lived up to his potential. Gil Meche (KC- 5 years/55 mil) I guess the Royals have to pay more for being the Royals. Vincente Padilla (Tex- 3 years/33.75 mil) unless you want him for his amazing switch hitting skills, he's not worth 11 mil a season. Jason Marquis (Cubs- 3 years/21 mil) dude had a 6.02 ERA...this is just stupid.

RP- Danys Baez (O's- 3 years/19 mil) the only thing he's got going for him is that he's from Cuba. LaTroy Hawkins (Rox- 1 year/3.5 mil) since when is a reliever with a 4.5 ERA and 1.5 WHIP worth more millions?



BloodStripes said...

We could shout the whole world a roast dinner and a few beers with all that money. Way too much money for not enough skill. Pay 'em sure but that much? No way.

Eaton better produce a bit with all that cash he's getting or he may get booed beyond recognition.

GM-Carson said...

i'm glad to have eaton, but at that price you gotta be fricken kiddin' me!

BloodStripes said...

You bet, glad to have him but this market is crazy.

GM-Carson said...

Rondell White just got 2.75 mil for 1 year from the cast-strapped Twins, and he absolutely sucked last season. If you remember, he was also a member of the Ass-Clown squad.