Saturday, November 25, 2006


Sometimes a name and a picture is all you need...this is one of those times. Dick Pole and Rusty!


Sunday, November 19, 2006


Welcome to the wonderful world of jugs.

The Jugs Machine- great for practicing your swings at various speeds and curves. Every worthwhile high school baseball program in the country has one of these so that the players can get their hacks in during those frigid winter months or on a rainy day. Also has been known to save many of coach's arms. Side note- Mike Piazza looks like a douche with that mullet and stache, doesn't he know this ain't the 80's.

Jugs- great for storing liquid substances like milk, water, or your favorite moonshine concoction. Where would the world be today without this revolutionary invention? Probably thirsty.

Last, but certainly no least, are my favorite kind of jugs...the ladies jugs! I love being a man. These jugs have many uses, as they can be used for feeding offspring, as pillows, or for pure pleasure.


Monday, November 13, 2006


Current St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter was just starting up his career in Toronto in 1997 just as the former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Cris Carpenter was finishing out his career for Milwaukee in 1996. That leaves me with one this the same dude? The answer is an obvious NO, but the correlation is astounding. Each pitched for the Red Birds and have nearly identical names and one came to be as the other disappeared. I think the original Cris the relief pitcher went on the juice during the '96 offseason and reinvented himself as the starting pitcher Chris in '97.

For those of you wondering the 1st/"old" Cris Carpenter lasted 8 seasons pitching mostly in relief, ending with 291 games pitched and a 3.91 ERA. The 2nd/"new" Chris Carpenter his a top-tier starting pitcher that has 1 Cy Young award possibly adding another soon. Still the similarities are enough to make a case for same dude.