Friday, October 06, 2006

Under the Radar

The typical baseball fan knows that Ryan Howard went ballistic with the stick this season. The typical baseball fan knows Albert Pujols rules the Continental US, Puerto Rico, Greenland, and the small African country of Djibouti. The typical baseball fan knows the usual suspects (Jeter, Ortiz, A-Rod, Manny, Clemens, Steve Jeltz, and others). However, the fanatical baseball fan, like myself, doesn't just scratch the surface. No, we recognize the lesser known players, the nobody's, the obscure, the ones that only their momma's know their names. These players may have only had a late season call-up, but did amazing during their playing time, and I have made a list of those players from the 2006 season. Here's my 25 man roster of faceless wonders. Think I could take this rag-tag crew to the playoffs?

C- Josh Bard, SD: .333/.926 OPS & Mike Redmond, Min .341/.778
1B- Ross Gload, ChiSox .327/.815
2B- Ryan Theriot, Cubs .328/.934 & Chris Gomez, Balt .341/.827
SS- Stephen Drew, Ari .316/.874
3B- Esteban German, KC .326/.880 & Jeff Cirillo, Mil .319/.784
OF- Luke Scott, Hou .336/1.047 & Pablo Ozuna, ChiSox .328/.809 & Matt Diaz, Atl .327/.839 & Jason Tyner, Min .312/.698 & Daryle Ward, Atl .308/.926
SP- Dave Bush, Mil 210 IP 12 W 4.41 ERA & Ian Snell, Pit 186 IP 14 W 4.74 & Chris Young, SD 179.1 IP 11 W 3.46 & Clay Hensley, SD 187 IP 11 W 3.71 & Chuck James 119 IP 11 W .378
RP- Brian Bruney, NYY .87 ERA & Matt Smith, Phi .87 & Dennys Reyes, Min .89 & Cla Meredith, SD 1.07 & Mike MacDougal, ChiSox 1.55 & Wes Littleton, Tex 1.73
CL- J.J. Putz, Sea 36 saves 2.30 ERA

*Minimum 20 innings pitched for relievers, 75 innings pitched for starters, and 100 at bats for positional players.



GM-Carson said...

My staff ace Chris Young pitched a gem against the Cards to keep the Padres alive in the playoffs.

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