Friday, September 01, 2006

Remember When?

In light of the recent storm that is camped out over the East Coast, I bring to you the double-header. Back in the day Major League Baseball used to purposely schedule double-headers for a rare ultra-fan treat. Heck, even recently rained out game would be made up as part of a double-header, where the games were played back-to-back and the fans got two for the price of one. But now in today's economically driven baseball world double-headers are as rare as a white boy in Harlem. And when a double-header does come up, they become day/night, where the fans have to have 2 separate tickets to each game so the organization can take in more greenbacks at the gate. I remember when I lived in Philly when the Vet was still around and I could go see a double-header for $8...ain't happening anymore brotha.



GM-Carson said...

By the way...I still love Sesame Street!

BloodStripes said...

Sesame street is big in my house. The favourites are Elmo for my son and Zoe for my daughter. Theres a football player here who we call "the count". He looks amazingly similar. Its freaky.

Hey is sundays DH back to back? There is no start time listed for the 2nd game like there was for saturdays DH. Mention it as rare and bang it happens. Maybe I should mention that Phillie pennants are rare too.

GM-Carson said...

Sunday's two-headed monster indeed is a two-for-the-price-of-one prize! If I didn't have a picnin, I'd head down to Philly today just heckle the hell out of Manuel and Rhodes.