Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Is that?

Tony Gwynn is one of my favorite players of all time. He has a funny squeak of a voice, pudgy belly, decent fro, and dude could hit (.338 career average)! He stayed loyal to the Padres, as he was a lifer...rare in today's game.

Recently, I thought he decided to make a comeback Julio Franco-style. However, it was the mini-me version of Papa Gwynn...his son Tony Gwynn Jr. Like father like son...Gwynn Jr. is now 8-16 (.500) in his brief career with the Brew Crew.



BenJah said...

tony gwynn is effin awesome!! apparently, if he made a comeback and went hitless in 1100 straight at-bats, he would still be a career .300 hitter. plus, 319 career stolen bases is pretty good and only 434 strike outs in 2,440 games is just mind boggling.

Eric said...

I have a friend who does an amazing Tony Gwynn impersonation. He often combines it with his great Skip Caray and does fake broadcasts of games on TV, its hilarious.

GM-Carson said...

Eric- can your friend do a Dave Stewart impersonation? Dave Stewart may have been one the scariest dudes to ever take the mound, but luckily he didn't have to talk, because he has a girl's voice!

The Rev said...

I like the way he calls himself "Anthony" to give himself a different identity than dad.