Friday, August 25, 2006

This is Awesome!

My Staff:
Starter- Nolan Ryan/Rolling Rock
Short Relief- Goose Gossage/Miller High Life
Long Relief- Tim Wakefield/Natural Ice
Closer- Lee Smith/Yuengling Premium

*Please feel free to create your own staff.



BloodStripes said...

What? No fosters for a pitcher? Only kidding. Thanks for adding the label. It looks mighty fine. I dig the eagle. America's oldest brewery! Even more impressive.

Hey I hear your beer only has about 3% alcohol in it. Is that true? Our beers usually are about 4.9%, except for the beautifully brewed Coopers beer. A sparkling ale or a pale ale. All natural ingredients. Its about 8.5%. Man its good beer! Thats what I usually drink along with the VB.

mmmmmm my mouth is watering. Whats the eagle carrying between his feet. I really can't work it out cause it looks like a turtle with a keg for a head. LOL. Now would'nt that be somethin'?

GM-Carson said...

Corey is the beer aficionado, so hopefully he checks out this post and can tell you about the alchy % in our brews.


El Padrino said...

SP: Fernando Valenzuela / CORONA
SR: Rod Beck / Budweiser
LR: Jesse Orosco / Dos Equis Amber
C: John Franco / Brooklyn Lager

GM-Carson said...

here we go:

the ying sits where most american beers are, about 4.5% alcohol by volume. now, the light beers, especially "girls light" (ie coors, because it has so little alcohol) are a lot less, like 3.0, except miller lite, which stays at 4.5 (don't believe the advertising, miller is the king of light beer!)

most micro-brew or regional breweries have hight ABC, usually 5-5.2%.

the "ice" beers (bud, natural, icehouse, etc) can get as high as 5.9%. if over, they are considered malt liquor (colt 45, steel reserve, old english 800, etc.) unless they are micro-brewed,then they can go over 5.9%

that said here is my staff:
starter - miller high life - cheap, tasty, cory lidle, you know what you are getting.
short relief - guiness - for that one beer/one inning, go with the good stuff
long relief - miller light - lower carbs, so you don't get as fat, but still maintains the alcohol, so your buzz doesn't die
closer - st. ides malt liquor - "st ides malt liquor, gets your girl drunk quicker." - trust me, it's the closer.


GM-Carson said...

Beer and Baseball- there should be a song about this!

temwr said...

SP: Stella (the Belgian one)
Solid, quality, can go as deep into the game as I want

SR: Miller Lite
Good in a pinch

LR: Corona Lights
I can drink this for hours on end for some reason and not get sloppy drunk

C: King Cobra 40s
Guaranteed to end the night for me.

The Rev said...

Starter - Steve Carlton / Yuengling Premium Lager

Short Relief - Rollie Fingers / Miller Genuine Draft

Long Relief - Pedro Martinez (based on his 6 inning shutdown of the Indians from the bullpen in Game 5 of the ALDS in 1999) / Dos Equis

Closer - Mariano Riviera / JW Dundee Honey Brown Lager

GM-Carson said...

Rev. did you just give a Yankee credit?

Mariano Rivera is one of the best closers of all time though, so I'll let it pass.

BloodStripes said...

Thanks for the alco content run-down Corey. Pretty similar ratio's to over here then. There is a myth over here that most American beers are light on it. You seem to have blown that myth. Good work!

I like your short relief choice of guiness. An excellent drop. A Fabio!

Champagne is a good drop for the girls. You could probably say its a complete gamer. Down Under we like to call it....."Leg opener"