Sunday, August 06, 2006

I'm a Barbie Girl

Remember when the Marlins were an expansion team way back in that magical season of 1993? I remember that season quite well because my beloved Phillies went to the World Series, and haven't been to the playoffs since. Well, the Marlins had lots of ups and downs, but have 2 World Series championships ('97 and '03) in their short history as a franchise, and that is nothing to snicker at. In fact, they just got done doing another "fire sale" and it's safe to bet they'll be in contention for the playoffs once again in '07 with a miniscule payroll (very unYankee like).

Anyway, back in '93 one of those expansion draft players for the Marlins was their second baseman Bret Barberie. He had a very brief career, but his two seasons in Miami were very solid, especially for an upstart team. I'm a Barberie-boy, in a F'd up world, a second baseman, great to be a Marlin fan.



GM-Carson said...

I'd rather have Jillian Barberie though!

Whelkman said...

While the Marlins make a play at yet another championship next year, I'll look forward to the Phils' landmark 10,000th loss.

David Gourlay said...

I think he was an Expo too ? That makes him cool.

GM-Carson said...

oh, the Barb was an Expo my friend!