Saturday, August 26, 2006

Get 'em young

Check out all the flavors! Gotta try and hook these kiddos while they're young, so they can grow up and buy the real stuff. Only difference between the candy version and the real version, is the candy rots teeth, the tobacco is addicting.

What's next? Toy syringes that squirt yummy and gooey "clear substances" into your mouth. Or candy pills that make your head and muscles grow bigger. Keep up the good work fellas!



BloodStripes said...

Is that the chew that Jim Bouton brought out?

GM-Carson said...

It's the whacky-tobaccy my friends!

Anonymous said...

Ah, but "Big League Chew" is very good. However, I agree w/ the sentiment.

GM-Carson said...

No denying the stuff was/is good. Hell, I still chew some of the bubble gum version on occasion for nostalgia purpose alone!