Friday, August 18, 2006

Be Ashamed!

Look at this floggin' idiot! Why in the hell would you agree to have your high school senior picture put on your first official baseball card?

Alan Embree is still around today, due large in part by his left-handedness. He's had a respectable career, but if more people knew about this baseball card, his career would go into unspeakable infamy!

Nice shirt assbag!!!



The Rev said...

Back off! I used to own that shirt.

Granted it was a 3x size. That sumbitch used to look like it could be a car cover for a Volkswagon.

GM-Carson said...

I'm sure we all wore stuff regret from back in the day. I used to dress like a gansta/skater...I was neither, so I gave it up after awhile. Now I'm more the khaki, polo guy...fits me much better!