Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Reason Number 478...

why I hate the New York Yankees and their fans: Alex Rodriguez.

Let me explain. Over the last two years with the Yankees, Alex Rodriguez has hit over .300 with 84 homeruns and 236 runs batted in. He won the AL MVP award in '06. Last year he led the league in homeruns, runs, games played, times on base, runs created, and slugging and was second in batting average and on-base percentage. Yet, he is likely the most disliked Yankee and most certainly the number 1 whipping boy for fans and media.

After Rodriguez hit a homerun in the 9th inning last night during a big loss to the Red Sox, the headline of the New York Daily News was "Thanks For Nothing." The perception around New York is that A-Rod is not a "clutch" player, his stats are compiled during non-crucial situations, and he is not worth the $25 mil he is getting paid.

But it is not just New York fans and media. Last night on SportsCenter Joe Morgan said that A-Rod would have been "better off in boston" because the pressure of New York is affecting his play. Huh? Affecting it to the point of AL MVP?

Is this perception reality? I don't think so. For example, last year A-Rod had as many homeruns after the 7th inning to give his team the lead as Big Papi did. But if you remember the MVP talk of last year, all we heard was "yeah, but Ortiz's hits were clutch, etc. etc."

A-Rod's infield mate, Derek Jeter, who can do no wrong in NY, is seen as "uber-clutch." Well, Jeter has exactly 3 hits in his CAREER to give the Yanks the lead after the 8th inning. THREE! A-Rod had that many last year. Oh, but Jeter's postseason clutch.....his average during the regular season is higher. But he's a leader....only player to captain a team that loses a 3-0 in the playoffs (but look above, who gets pictured for the cover, the captain or the scapegoat?) It goes on and on...

Sure, this year A-Rod has had terrible numbers, especially with RISP. But he doesn't deserve this treatment. When Jeter went something like 2-58 last year during the early season, he was rarely criticized. A-Rod starts out .276-10-34 and he's the most hated man in NY.

New York and it's fans do not deserve A-Rod. They deserve what they have been getting, the highest paid and most underachieving team in baseball over the last 8 years. They can take Jeter and his intagibles and blow another 3-0 lead to the Red Sox. I'll take A-Rod, because the day I start compaining about 48 homeruns a year will be the day I'm a.....Yankee fan.



GM-Carson said...

To not appreciate A-Rod is ludicrous...and I'm not talkin' the rapper bro!

A-Rod is awesome! Jeter is good, very good, but he's not as great as everyone makes him out to be, especially the assanine media.


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