Friday, May 05, 2006

Great SF Debate

I recently got back from San Francisco and in between being tree-hugging hippie homosexuals (not that there's anything wrong with that) the locals have found time to debate the various perceptions of Barry Bonds. I posted early last month about the standing-O Bonds got in the home opener, so it's obvious some fans still support Bonds, but I was surprised how far they will go to defend him. I would like to share exerpts from two letters to the sports editor of the SF Chronicle (who employs the writers of "Game of Shadows") along with my response.

From Pat - "I have support for Barry, for the pleasure he has given us and for his ability to accept with grace the boos, catcalls, and unfailing criticism"
My response - Of course he responds with grace to boos, because of his rapid cranial growth, the bones in his inner ear were unable to support the extra weight and they snapped like Dave Dravecky's arm (totally uncalled for....) and he is partially deaf. And about the criticism, I can't find any reason for people to do so, so keep up the support Pat (at this point, the sarcasm meter is on fire.)

From Sam - "My son loves Barry Bonds and jumps up and down when he comes to the plate. This is a legendary time for baseball, and I am convicned my son will be telling his grandchildren about his love for Bonds and this season. I wish the Chronicle would stop dissecting Bonds' personal life and allow us to enjoy the accomplishments of a man who, despite his physical ailments, continues to play and is creating a defining moment for baseball and little boys everywhere."
My response - Bonds has done for baseball what O.J. has done for white broncos. And as far as little boys, this is the most disturbing part. What part of Bonds' life and career should little boys be most proud of and emulate: 1) infidelity in his marriage 2) tax evasion 3) drug use 4) cheating 5) lying to a grand jury while under oath 6) just plain being a jerk.

The debate rages on.



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