Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hey Brick Hands!

While watching baseball over the past month I have seen some pretty shoddy defense. My team, the Phillies, has a mammoth of a 1st baseman who can crush the ball, too bad he has too many defensive lapses. I've also seen some young dudes just not playing the game right defensively, with bad footwork (Weeks and Encarnacion). So, I decided to compile a Lead Glove Team.

All No-Glove Love Team: (errors)
C- Roberto Hernandez (7)
1B- Ryan Howard (8)
2B- Rickie Weeks (16)
SS- Felipe Lopez (11)
3B- Edwin Encarnacion (13)
OF- Adam Dunn, Jeff Francoer, and Scott Podsednik (5)
P- Joe Blanton (2)

*3 of these players are from the Reds...OUCH!


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Reason Number 478...

why I hate the New York Yankees and their fans: Alex Rodriguez.

Let me explain. Over the last two years with the Yankees, Alex Rodriguez has hit over .300 with 84 homeruns and 236 runs batted in. He won the AL MVP award in '06. Last year he led the league in homeruns, runs, games played, times on base, runs created, and slugging and was second in batting average and on-base percentage. Yet, he is likely the most disliked Yankee and most certainly the number 1 whipping boy for fans and media.

After Rodriguez hit a homerun in the 9th inning last night during a big loss to the Red Sox, the headline of the New York Daily News was "Thanks For Nothing." The perception around New York is that A-Rod is not a "clutch" player, his stats are compiled during non-crucial situations, and he is not worth the $25 mil he is getting paid.

But it is not just New York fans and media. Last night on SportsCenter Joe Morgan said that A-Rod would have been "better off in boston" because the pressure of New York is affecting his play. Huh? Affecting it to the point of AL MVP?

Is this perception reality? I don't think so. For example, last year A-Rod had as many homeruns after the 7th inning to give his team the lead as Big Papi did. But if you remember the MVP talk of last year, all we heard was "yeah, but Ortiz's hits were clutch, etc. etc."

A-Rod's infield mate, Derek Jeter, who can do no wrong in NY, is seen as "uber-clutch." Well, Jeter has exactly 3 hits in his CAREER to give the Yanks the lead after the 8th inning. THREE! A-Rod had that many last year. Oh, but Jeter's postseason clutch.....his average during the regular season is higher. But he's a leader....only player to captain a team that loses a 3-0 in the playoffs (but look above, who gets pictured for the cover, the captain or the scapegoat?) It goes on and on...

Sure, this year A-Rod has had terrible numbers, especially with RISP. But he doesn't deserve this treatment. When Jeter went something like 2-58 last year during the early season, he was rarely criticized. A-Rod starts out .276-10-34 and he's the most hated man in NY.

New York and it's fans do not deserve A-Rod. They deserve what they have been getting, the highest paid and most underachieving team in baseball over the last 8 years. They can take Jeter and his intagibles and blow another 3-0 lead to the Red Sox. I'll take A-Rod, because the day I start compaining about 48 homeruns a year will be the day I'm a.....Yankee fan.


Where Is My Hero?

Hero is the theme today, with Carson talking about his crush on AJ (see below.) So my blog tribute goes to my hero of the day, Zach Greinke. Why Zach Greinke? Because he may be the smartest player in baseball, and I appreciate brainage. The 23 year old right hander, who I once heard called "the next Greg Maddux" because of his moving fastball and cerebral approach to batters, decided to skip out on the Royals before the season started. No one really knows why other than "personal issues." Until now. It's obvious he didn't want to be on the worst team in the history of baseball. The Royals have 2 ten game losing streaks already (it's May!) They are on pace to lose greater than 120 games and finish 60 back of Detroit or Chicago or whoever wins the Central. Where's Greinke in all of this? Enjoying a pina colada or other adult beverage in his hometown of Orlando, FL maybe? I'm not really sure. Granted, he's not cashing a paycheck, but maybe this little coup will allow him to play for a different team next year, and then it will all be worth it. Hell, even Pittsburgh looks good compared to the Royals. So here's to you Zach Greinke, wherever the hell you are, for having enough "personal issues" to avoid the debacle that is the KC Royals.


There goes my hero...

A.J. Pierzynski! I have been touting this man for the past four years ever since I read an article about him chirping in the ears of opposing batters while catching. The dude is a menace. He disrupts the thought process of the enemy, consequently making them falter. Opposing players hate him, fans hate him, some of his own team mates probably hate him, but he's my hero. He is solid offensively and more importantly defensively (being a catcher). He calls a good game and is not afraid to pop off at the mouth. Many remember his antics last post season, when the caused one of the most controversial calls in memory by running out a swinging 3rd strike and prolonging the game for the ChiSox, who eventually won the game and World Series. The newest chapter in the saga of A.J. Pierzynski's career is his emphatic slapping of homeplate after absolutely bull-dozing catcher Michael Barrett. Barrett embarrassed and pissed off decides to punch A.J. in the mouth, allowing all hell broke loose and making it was a scene to remember. Thank you A.J. Pierzynski!


Saturday, May 20, 2006


I absolutely hate some of the story lines in Major League Baseball this season. Tell the fans something good, that really matters!

Screw the Yankees and their search for a replacement outfielder, screw Roger Clemens and his indecisiveness/bidding war, and screw Barry Bonds and his "chase for Ruth"!

How about focusing on some of the positives. Like franchises rising above expectations and playing their tails off: Reds, Tigers, Rockies. Or two men having mind-boggling starts to the season: Albert Pujols and Jim Thome.

Pujols: 40 g, 138 ab, 42 r, 44 h, 6 2b, 20 hr, 50 rbi, 34 bb, .319 ba, and 1.249 ops (holy fricken crap!)
Thome: 40 g, 140 ab, 38 r, 41 h, 5 2b, 17 hr, 41 rbi, 33 bb, .293 ba, and 1.125 ops

That's the stuff of legends my friends.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Evil Empire

Fricken Yankees! They rule the baseball world apparently because now that Matsui and Sheff are out for quite some time, they are scouring the rest of the MLB rosters to handpick their replacement. This makes me sick. It's like Cashman can just swoop in and offer a team a package and they must take it. The Yanks have almost no prospects, and the ones they do have, Gammons and the organization pump up beyond belief. Rumors are abound that Abreu is their first choice, and I wouldn't be surprised to see this happen. Ibanez, Reggie Sanders, Torri Hunter, Shannon Stewart, Craig Wilson have also been mentioned, and last but not least, the return of Alfonso Soriano...what, are you fricken kiddin' me? The Yankees do what they want, when they want, and all other teams must obey.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Old Heads

I took the time to compose a list of some of the oldest players at each position to assemble a 25 man roster. I think this team could beat half the teams in MLB based on the pitching staff alone. I grew up in the '80s watching these guys and I hope they never retire! By the way, I still think Jesse Orosco could be this squad's left-handed specialist. Potential problem, having Mesa and Vizquel back on the same team again. Going with a 6-man rotation, figuring they need the extra day off, and a 13-man bullpen because these dudes are old after all!

Florida Old Heads:

1B- Jeff "Mr. Marlin" Conine (39) and Julio "Father Time" Franco (47)

2B- Jeff "Racist" Kent (38)

SS- Omar "Ozzie Smith II" Vizquel (39)

3B- "My Cousin" Vinny Castilla (38)

Utility Infielder- Eric "E.Y." Young (38)

OF- Barry "Chemically Enhanced Superman" Bonds (41), Steve "Also Chemically Enhanced" Finely (41), Ruben "Played in Mexico" Sierra (40), and Brian "Use to Play Defensive Back" Jordan (39)

Pinch-runner- Rickey "Stolen Base King" Henderson (46)

SP- Tom "Hockey-Boy" Glavine (40), Jaime "Grungy Starbucker" Moyer (43), Randy "Pigeon Killer" Johnson (42), Kenny "Cameraman" Rogers (41), Greg "Tourette's Syndrome" Maddux (40), and David "Boomer" Wells (42)

RP- Mike "Hold Master" Timlin (40), Mike "Where is Leo Mazzone?" Remlinger (40), Roberto "Gut" Hernandez (41), Terry "Jesse Orosco II" Mulholland (43), Jose "Joe Table" Mesa (39), and Chris "Nobody Knows Me" Hammond (40)

CP- John "Love the Beard" Smoltz (39)


Monday, May 15, 2006

Chasing Mendoza

I'm not real interested in Barroid passing the Babe. I am interested in how close Roid King gets to dipping below the Mendoza Line.

Currently - .217 and riding a sweet 0-14 into Houston.


Friday, May 05, 2006

Best Fans in Baseball....

is often used to describe those who love the Redbirds and live in St. Louis. They don't boo. They don't turn on their team when they lose. They don't get in fights in the stands of the 700 level. Well, what do they do, you ask. They do this:


Great SF Debate

I recently got back from San Francisco and in between being tree-hugging hippie homosexuals (not that there's anything wrong with that) the locals have found time to debate the various perceptions of Barry Bonds. I posted early last month about the standing-O Bonds got in the home opener, so it's obvious some fans still support Bonds, but I was surprised how far they will go to defend him. I would like to share exerpts from two letters to the sports editor of the SF Chronicle (who employs the writers of "Game of Shadows") along with my response.

From Pat - "I have support for Barry, for the pleasure he has given us and for his ability to accept with grace the boos, catcalls, and unfailing criticism"
My response - Of course he responds with grace to boos, because of his rapid cranial growth, the bones in his inner ear were unable to support the extra weight and they snapped like Dave Dravecky's arm (totally uncalled for....) and he is partially deaf. And about the criticism, I can't find any reason for people to do so, so keep up the support Pat (at this point, the sarcasm meter is on fire.)

From Sam - "My son loves Barry Bonds and jumps up and down when he comes to the plate. This is a legendary time for baseball, and I am convicned my son will be telling his grandchildren about his love for Bonds and this season. I wish the Chronicle would stop dissecting Bonds' personal life and allow us to enjoy the accomplishments of a man who, despite his physical ailments, continues to play and is creating a defining moment for baseball and little boys everywhere."
My response - Bonds has done for baseball what O.J. has done for white broncos. And as far as little boys, this is the most disturbing part. What part of Bonds' life and career should little boys be most proud of and emulate: 1) infidelity in his marriage 2) tax evasion 3) drug use 4) cheating 5) lying to a grand jury while under oath 6) just plain being a jerk.

The debate rages on.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

More Unit

This post is in honor of Randy Johnson, who faces off tonight against fellow flamethrowing intimidator Doug Waechter.

Not only is Randy Johnson one of the ugliest people on the earth, he also hates birds.